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The governance structure of The Club is that it is Member owned and this means that there are plenty of opportunities to serve on one of the 25 committees at The Club. Our committees do an amazing job of helping chart a course for The Club by helping craft new policies or revise existing ones.


Of the 25 committees, the only committee with approval power is the General Committee made up of 18 very supportive Members. Each year at our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in early November, 6 spots are up for re-election / election and that happens every year and it is for a two year tenure. From the General Committee, our Executive Committee (EXCO) is formed each year in April.


There are vacancies available on Committees from time to time. If Members wish to volunteer on any of our Committees, please indicate your interest to the Volunteer Co-ordinating Committee by filling up our online Volunteer Interest Form


We hope to hear from you soon.