The American Club is Singapore’s favourite Social and Sports Club, a unique private community where Members ofmore than 60 nationalities with diverse and dynamic cultureand their families enjoy superb facilities, outstanding dining expereience and a high level of service.

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Jun 13, 2024

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Careers at The American Club

Whether you're a fresh graduate, an accomplished professional or an active senior looking to re-enter the workforce, The American Club is a fair, diverse and inclusive employer. The Club has been named A Great Place To Work and is an adopter of the Tripartite Standard on Age-friendly Workplace Practices (TS-AWP).

Start a career at The American Club and be a part of a culture that values excellence, inclusivity and individuality.

The 'A' Team

One of the Club's most defining characteristics is our exemplary Team Members - we take pride in hiring the best people to deliver exceptional service standards to our Members.

So if you're passionate about the hospitality industry and embody our Club's core values, we have a role for you.

One Club, One Team​

When you have an audience as special as ours, nothing short of exceptional will do. What separates us from other employers is a relentless pursuit of professional and personal development for our most prized asset, our people.

300 full-time Team Members. 80 part-timers. Together, we are
One Club, One Team.

Positions available


  • Responsible for preparing and delivering beverages in a fine-dining restaurant. 
  • Assist restaurant to upsell beverages during events.
  • Prepare alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages consistently with Club’s beverage standards.
  • Take beverage orders from serving staff or directly from patrons accurately and promptly.
  • Assess Members needs and preferences and make recommendations where necessary.
  • Responsible for the cleanliness of the glasses, utensils, bar equipment and station.
  • Maintain bottles and glasses in a functional manner to support efficient drink preparation and promotion of beverages.
  • Restock and replenish bar inventory and supplies.
  • Assist the Outlet Manager in the efficient running of the day-to-day operation including set up and closing of the bar counter.
  • Must be part of the service team and able to participate in service as and when required including taking orders and serving food.


  • Minimum GCE ’N’ Level qualification
  • At least 2 years’ bartender experience, preferably in fine dining environment
  • At least 1-2 years of flaring skills preferred
  • Good working knowledge of bar operations and strong technical skills in bartending
  • Neat and well-groomed
  • Positive working attitude and good communication skills
  • Passionate about customer service
  • Able to work on all shifts, weekends and public holidays as required


  • Reports to the Executive Sous/Sous Chef on a daily basis for communication of concerns and opportunities
  • Assists in managing the activities of assigned outlet kitchen / section
  • Assists in maintaining food quality and presentation
  • Assists with maintaining kitchen labor and related costs controls
  • Participates in outlet staff scheduling, training, motivating, safety, and recommends counseling where required
  • Involved with proper product and work flow
  • Involved with SOP Manual procedures for Outlet Kitchen Operations
  • Follows up on quality control with the most economical usage of products
  • Monitors that the job descriptions of kitchen staff are performed as stated
  • Follows through on proper maintenance and sanitation of kitchen equipment and facilities
  • Involved with implementing progressive staff training and development programs
  • Suggests and assists with menu and recipe upgrading, development, and implementation
  • Ensures effective lines of communication are in place at all levels
  • Adheres to budgets and objectives set and established by the management
  • Attends  daily line up’s and ensures appropriate information is channelled to subordinates in an effective manner
  • Performs all duties delegated to Management Staff and conducts himself in a “Role Model” manner, so as to encourage all employees to likewise
  • Conducts training for junior staff on basics and food handling techniques
  • Adheres to deadlines and objectives for the yearly business plan
  • Any other duties as assigned
  • Ensure daily HACCP system in place
  • Inspects, supervises and participates in the cleaning of kitchens.
  • Able to handle customers’ special and last-minute requests


  • Certificate from a recognized culinary institution or an appropriate amount of progressive work experience to waive academic qualifications
  • Minimum of 6 years with progressive positions from Cook I in varying cuisines in comparable operations
  • Strong culinary knowledge on Western cuisine with emphasis on American cuisine and basic knowledge on Asian cuisine (Only apply for Asian cuisine position) and influences
  • Knowledge of religious dietary requirements
  • Able to speak English 
  • Production flow and equipment usage knowledge
  • Basic Food Hygiene Certificate


  • Perform inspections on building and plant/equipment as stipulated in checklists or as instructed.
  • Carry out rectification, refurbishment, manufacturing, or assembly of equipment as stipulated in work orders, job assignments, or according to the maintenance schedules.
  • Be conversant/ familiar with all general building services/functions pertaining to – but not limited to – areas of electrical, air conditioning & mechanical ventilation (ACMV), plumbing and sanitary, kitchen equipment.
  • Assist in the setup and managing of audio-visual equipment for events as stipulated in the Event Orders issued by the Events team. 
  • Supervise external contractors and ensuring works carried out are according to specifications and adhering to safe work procedures.
  • Advising users on matters pertaining to technical queries.
  • Be part of the Company Emergency Response Team (CERT) and performing response, rescue, recovery duties as required based on the situation.
  • Any other duties as directed by the Supervisors and Management.


  • Minimum NTC3 (NITEC)
  • 2 years’ experience in Building Services
  • Good hands-on knowledge in Building Services
  • Able to supervise contractor works
  • Commitment to punctual timekeeping and good attendance
  • Comfortable with working on weekends and public holidays
  • Fresh graduates are welcome to apply and will be considered for Technician 3 


  • To support the Fitness & Leisure Manager in achieving customer satisfaction and financial goals.
  • To supervise all Sports Counter/facilities operations & support the Supervisor & Executives with other administrative duties. 
  • Able to manage a team and communicate efficiently.
  • Attend to all Members enquiries over the counter & on the phone i.e. gym, group fitness, tennis, squash & adult recreation etc.
  • Enforcing all Club and department bylaws and ensuring safety of the workplace i.e. no mobile phone usage while on machines, towel use in the gym area & proper attire for both gym & squash court etc.
  • Ensure that month-end billing for all fitness & recreation classes and all activities are accounted for.
  • Updating and changing of the music played in the gym weekly on a bi-monthly basis.
  • Ensure the basic cleanliness and housekeeping at the Sports Counter area and changing facilities.
  • Ensure that the first aid box items are replenished and complete at all times.
  • Approval of the duty roster i.e. planning their day off, Annual Leave etc. and to submit to Fitness & Leisure Manager.
  • Work closely with the Fitness & Leisure Manager on the financial target and activities.
  • Regular follow-up with Fitness & Leisure Manager in updating of the operations and team performance.
  • Support of Gym administration i.e. marketing collateral for events, new personal training, classes’ attendance, tournament sign-ups and Member correspondences.
  • To attend and provide secretarial support to the Fitness & Leisure Manager during all Fitness & Leisure Committee & Subcommittee meetings.
  • To support, guide & mentor the new associates/interns on work operations and other administrative duties.
  • To continuously seek new programs for adult recreation and engage new instructors to the Club.
  • To co-ordinate with the Fitness & Leisure Manager, Youth Manager and Assistant Youth Manager on cross training programs for both Fitness & Leisure and Youth & Family departments 
  • All other duties as per directed by Fitness & Leisure Manager


  • Basic knowledge in CPR/ First Aid
  • Basic exercise knowledge
  • Minimum 2 years’ experience in an Executive level position coupled with 5 years’ experience as a sports counter supervisor or equivalent.
  • Demonstrated experience & interest in fitness, leisure, and recreational related fields.
  • Able to provide exceptional customer service experience.
  • Knowledge in organizing/ planning events/ activities.
  • Efficient in MS Office
  • Ability to work with Members of various nationalities and cultures.
  • Able to work in a fast-moving environment and under pressure.
  • Positive working attitude
  • Must be a good team player.
  • Comfortable to work on weekends and public holidays


Product quality and knowledge of work

  • Provide and deliver outstanding hair services, such as Hair Cutting, Styling, Coloring and Treatment Services in an excellent standard consistently
  • Capable of performing professional technical pre-consultation so that he/she is enable to recommend suitable treatments in accordance to the treatment protocols per the Member’s needs and concerns.
  • Responsible for recording and updating Member’s profile such as post-treatment analysis and any other relevant information. Together with the Member Relations Team, to ensure top-notch personalized service and maximize future sales opportunity.
  • Strong knowledge in professional product, retail product and treatment knowledge to drive treatment-product link selling.
  • Understand the different types of treatments offered in the Spa and assist in cross promotion of other Spa services to Members.

Member Relations

  • Establish rapport with all Members according to company standards; anticipate and address Members’ service needs; thank Members with genuine appreciation; respond to Member’s inquires and feedback in a timely, professional manner.


  • Attend all training courses as deemed necessary, and must adhere to training as set by the Spa Management.
  • Fulfills all scheduled theory and practical training requirements.

General housekeeping and maintenance

  • Maintains all hair working stations to the standards established by Management.
  • Maintain cleanliness in the hair salon and ensure all equipment are properly sanitized after each treatment.
  • Perform work station duties which includes but not limited to cleaning and replenishing treatment amenities, towels, professional back bar products.
  • Report any maintenance issues and unsightly defects in the Hair Salon.
  • Set hair station professionally before and after each service, in accordance to standard station set-up protocol provided.
  • Ensures that the towel and linen in the Hair Salon are adequately replenished for the day and stored as per the standard operating procedure.
  • Ensures and maintain general cleanliness of the Hair Salon, staff pantry & common area.


  • Possess relevant Hair Certification with minimum 1-3 year’s relevant experience
  • Good hair cutting skills
  • Experienced with hair coloring and possess basic knowledge of shoulder massages techniques
  • Experienced with both Asian and western hair types
  • Good communication and customer service skills
  • Able to work on rotating shifts including weekends and public holidays


  • Report to the Chef de Cuisine/Sous Chef daily to communicate concerns and opportunities
  • Assist in managing the activities of the assigned outlet kitchen
  • Assist in maintaining food quality and presentation
  • Assist with maintaining kitchen labor and related cost controls
  • Participate in outlet staff scheduling, evaluations, training, motivation, safety, and counseling as needed
  • Maintain proper product and work flow
  • Ensure kitchen staff performs their job descriptions as specified
  • Monitor quality control while using products economically
  • Observe menu item movement, anticipate changes, and recommend adjustments to meet Members’ expectations
  • Oversee the proper maintenance and sanitation of kitchen equipment and facilities
  • Follow through on implementing progressive staff training and development programs
  • Suggest and assist with menu and recipe upgrades, development, costing, and implementation
  • Establish effective lines of communication at all levels
  • Provides budget recommendations and adhere to objectives set and established by the management
  • Attend briefings as required, conduct daily line-ups, and ensure effective information dissemination to subordinates
  • Handle food requisitions and maintain control of correct par levels, adjusting to Members’ requests
  • Works closely with the Chief Steward to maintain meticulous cleanliness and hygiene in all areas
  • Perform all duties delegated by Management and to set a “Role Model” example, encouraging all employees to do the same
  • Provide training on basic food handling techniques for junior staff
  • Adhere to deadlines and objectives in the yearly business plan
  • Perform any other duties assigned
  • Ensure daily implementation of the HACCP system
  • Able to take over operations when the Sous chef is not on duty
  • Able to handle purchasing and pre-order market list


  • Minimum of 8 years of experience with progressive positions from Chef de Partie in varying cuisines (with emphasis on American-style cooking) in comparable operations
  • Strong culinary knowledge on Western cuisine with emphasis on American dishes and basic knowledge on Asian cuisine and influences
  • Knowledge of religious dietary requirements
  • Possess knowledge of the English language
  • Production flow and equipment usage
  • Basic computer skills


Call Centre

  • Attend to all Member queries, concerns, feedbacks and requests via phone and email
  • Services include issuance of introduction letters, bill inquiries, car registration, driver and helper application, event registration and dining reservations
  • Generate reports as specified by the Member Services Senior Manager

Concierge Desk

  • Welcome Members and Guests warmly and ensure deliverance of service language (body and verbal language)
  • Attend to all Member queries, concerns, feedback and requests via phone, emails and in-person
  • Execute all the opening and closing procedures, desk duties and side duties
  • Services include bill payment and inquiry, handling of cash float, selling of stamps, lost and found, Member endorsements, car registrations, helper and driver applications, Member advertisements, issuance of special passes, reservation and registration of events and dining, and so on
  • Coordinate emergencies and incidents calmly and performing the required tasks such as making PA announcement, printing of roll call report and calling of ambulance/police
  • Function as part of the operations team to provide counter and administrative coverage for daily operations

Lobby Entrance

  • Welcoming and managing the incoming crowd, overseeing guest management, and ensuring accurate registration
  • Ensure that Lobby area is kept tidy and clean
  • Must have thorough knowledge of all security and emergency procedures


Business Centre:

  • Assist in meeting room bookings and arrange other requirements such as F&B and AV setup
  • Prepare the meeting rooms and set-up according to the standard layout and Member’s request. Ensure that all the equipment and tools are sufficient and in good working condition.
  • Offer technical assistance to Members in terms of projector presentation, logging in on computers, printing, encoding of cards, etc
  • Ensure that the computers and other equipment are neatly arranged and in good working condition
  • Assist Members with their inquiries over the desk and generate daily and monthly reports required by the outlet manager


  • Duties include cataloguing, book wrapping and shelving of books
  • Assist Members with their book loans and other matters
  • Charging of overdue books and sending reminders. Generate daily and monthly reports

Additional Duties (Senior Associate)

  • Support the managers in the execution and handling of tasks and side duties effectively
  • Support incoming associates and ensure that SOPs are adhered to
  • To manage the team and operations in the absence of the executives and managers


  • Minimum Secondary 4 education with GCE ‘O’ level credits in a minimum of 3 subjects
  • Work experience in customer service industry, e.g. hotel, clubs, retail, etc
  • Good interpersonal skills and ability to interact confidently with people of all levels 
  • Ability to write and speak the English language
  • Skilled in administrative tasks, proficient with Microsoft Office, and adept with computer systems
  • Ability to handle challenging customers


This position is responsible for daily reservations and booking including events and activities for the restaurant. 

  • Reports to the Restaurant Manager on day-to-day operations. 
  • Meet and greet all Members and Guests at the front of the restaurant.
  • Ensure that the restaurant is ready to receive Members prior to opening and that tables are ready in line with opening standards.
  • Take telephone bookings and documents in the Table Management System accordingly.
  • Ensure Member database are updated and reach out to Members for any new promotions.
  • Maintain detailed knowledge of all menus, including daily specials.
  • Follow up and respond timely to Member’s reservation and respond to every inquiry and feedback from Members within 24 hours.
  • Adhere to local regulations concerning health, safety, or other compliance requirements, as well as brand standards and local policies and procedures.
  • Be familiar with the menu and prices to facilitate the selling of food. 
  • Check with Members as to his/her satisfaction of their meal or service. 
  • To report any complaints, comments, and compliments from Members to the Management. 
  • Maintain good communication with the Management and Team Members.


  • Minimum 2 -3 years with progressive positions in comparable operations
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in a similar role
  • Certificate from a recognized Hotel Training School or an appropriate amount of progressive work experience to waive academic qualifications.
  • Possess a good understanding of Western and Asian food knowledge.
  • Basic cocktails, wines, spirit, and specialty coffee knowledge is an advantage.
  • Experience operating Point of Sales System and Table Management System is an advantage.
  • Keen to learn and grow in the Food & Beverage industry. 
  • Able to work on rotating shifts, weekends, and public holidays. 
  • Comfortable with working on split shifts.
  • Experience in fine dining restaurant concept.

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