The American Club is Singapore’s favourite Social and Sports Club, a unique private community where Members ofmore than 60 nationalities with diverse and dynamic cultureand their families enjoy superb facilities, outstanding dining expereience and a high level of service.

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Dec 8, 2023

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About The Club

Club History

Club History


To meet the growing needs of the membership and in planning for the future, the Club embarked on a $65 million redevelopment project, which replaced the Scotts Road building and pool, and upgraded its Claymore Hill building and Sports Complex. The redevelopment allowed for enhanced usage of space within the Club, increase staff efficiencies, and ultimately elevate Member satisfaction.

Club History


In the last decade, the Club added a gamut of facilities like Thyme Café – an award winning fine dining restaurant, The 2nd Floor, HOME – our wine retail outlet; Business Center – a convenient one-stop work area for adults; sên Spa; Energy – a sports retail store; and Essentials – a convenience store.

In addition, the Club’s Fitness & Leisure expanded its offerings with more fitness options, including more Aquatics classes and adult recreational and fitness classes. The Club has now evolved to become true home away from home destination for Members, local and overseas alike.

Club History


The Scotts Complex is remodeled to maximize floor space. Construction of the new Library. Jackpot Room, Teen Room and staff locker room begins

Club History


The Claymore Hill Complex sees its grand opening in May. It consisted of two levels of underground parking, the Liberty Lounge – an up-market cocktail lounge, the Union Bar – a casual sports bar, and a function room on the third floor.

Club History


Due to its state of disrepair, a proposed major development plan was mooted with the option to either renovate or demolish and rebuild the clubhouse. As membership had already exceeded the Club’s capacity by this time, architects were engaged to draw up a design for a new clubhouse.

Club History


The Club purchased one acre of land on Claymore Hill at $2.29 million for the construction of the Car park and Sports Complex, featuring three squash courts, two air-conditioned racquetball courts, four tennis courts, and an 88-car parking lot

Club History


The Presidential Room – formed of a rooftop garden room and serving as a cocktail lounge and multi-purpose room – was built. The Eagle’s Nest was opened to answer the long-standing need of Members for a casual dining facility accessible from all activity areas. It featured a light meals, snacks and a relaxed dress code.

Club History


In what was regarded as “one of the most significant improvements of the Club’s amenities in its 19-year history”, a new Bowling Alley Complex was built, housing an eight-lane bowling alley, an air-conditioned cocktail lounge, a library, a card room, conference rooms, and office for the American community organization.

Club History


On November 30, 1963, The American Club’s first swimming pool was officially opened. The kidney-shaped pool was a long anticipated facility and its completion was seen as a significant move towards making the Club more family-oriented in its facilities and activities.

Club History


A $30,000 renovation program saw the creation of the Manhattan Room and lounge. The room was thus named for an elegant mural of the Manhattan skyline adoring the entirety of one of its walls. The Club once again became a popular dining and meeting place for the community.

Club History


The new clubhouse officially opened in June, featuring a bar, dining room, an office, and Singapore’s first bowling alley. The new 4-lane bowling alley proved to be immensely popular. Back then, there was no air-conditioning in the bowling alley and “pin-boys” had to manually reset the pins after each set as automatic pin-setters had yet to be invented.

Club History


Aided by a donation of $25,000 by Loke Wan Tho (owner of Cathay) towards the acquisition of new premise, and combined with Club surpluses of $50,000 and financing from the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation of approximately $150,000, the Club secured the Cycle House at 21 Scott Road for its new premises, which it still occupies today. The old house that stood on the land was torn down and the land was mortgaged, while construction of a 67,000 square foot California-style clubhouse began.

Club History


In 1951, Cathay Organization wanted to repossess the space rented to the Club to develop it as part of the new Cathay Hotel. The Club was pressed to find an alternate site. Due to the Club’s inability to find a suitable location over the next 4 years, serious thought was given to a complete liquidation of the Club.

Club History


Interest in forming a club “aimed at organizing social activities and fostering closer ties among local Americans” was renewed.

On September 10, an unprecedented General Meeting of resident Americans was held for the purpose of organizing the new American Club, and the motion was approved. Membership was opened to other nationalities, although there was a need to maintain a majority of American members for the Club to retain its identity.

On September 14, 1948, The Club was officially established with 146 Members, on a rented balcony on the fifth floor of one of Singapore’s first skyscrapers – the Cathay Building at Sophia Road. It consisted of a bar and two second-hand slot machines, and was manned by a total of five employees.

Club History


In 1939, the American Association made a bid for what nearly became our first Clubhouse – the German Club building. Nearing completion at the outbreak of World War II, the property was confiscated by the Enemy Property Custodian due to Singapore’s status as a British colony. It was eventually destroyed during the war.

Club History


The idea of forming a social club for Americans was first mooted in 1932 by the American Association of Malaya. As the total of 56 American residing in Singapore was insufficient to support the proposed club, the plan was put on hold.

Our Vision

To create a vibrant community with a distinct American culture; a place that families can proudly call their home away from home.

Our Mission

We are in the happiness business, striving to enrich the lives of our Members, employees, guests and partners through fun, food, fitness and family, delivered with passion and pride.

Club Governance

The governance structure of the Club is that it is member-owned. There are 25 committees which provide plenty of opportunities to get involved as a volunteer. The committees support the Club management through strategic counsel and policy making.

Only the General Committee (GC) has approval power.

Each year at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in November, six spots are available for election/re-election for a two-year tenure. From the GC, the Executive Committee (EXCO) is formed each year in April.

If Members wish to volunteer on any of the Committees, please fill in the online Volunteer Interest Form.

General Committee

Adam Radicic


Jill Morgenroth

Vice President

Jennifer Trounson


Marcella Sullivan

Member at Large

Alisha Barnes

Member at Large

Arish Khajotia

Member at Large

Daniel Gewirtz

Member at Large

Greg Tanner

Member at Large

Jay Jobanputra

Member at Large

Lauren Ullman

Member at Large

Ngiam Siew Wei

Member at Large

Tessa Pang

Member at Large

Ashok K. Lalwani - American Association of Singapore Representative

Ashok K. Lalwani

American Association of Singapore Representative

Tania Lindsay Jean

Tania Lindsay Jean

American Women’s Association Representative

Cary Horenfeldt

Canadian Association of Singapore Representative

Col Russ Corwin

US Embassy Representative

Club Advocacy​

Every day is Earth Day at
the Club

At The American Club, we are committed to enhancing sustainability and expanding environmentally-friendly practices.

Here are some of the green initiatives that the Club has adopted over the years and in doing so, has enabled us to strive towards ongoing sustainability.

• Meat alternatives on the Club's restaurant menus
• Biodegradable straws in all restaurants
• Recycling and sorting bins are located throughout the Club
• Food takeaway packaging are made from sustainable materials
• Sale of reusable tumblers and coffee cups at Central
• All lighting fixtures have been replaced with LED bulbs that are energy efficient and emit less heat

Club Management

Robert Bird

General Manager

With his extensive experience in the hospitality sector, Robert brings a fresh perspective to the Club, aiming to elevate the Member experience to new heights.

Robert has more than three decades of work experience in Asia and is a veteran in the private club and hospitality sectors. He has led some of the region’s most prestigious clubs, such as the Sentosa Golf Club, Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club, Raffles Marina and Kuala Lumpur Golf & Country Club.

Robert is strongly committed to delivering a high level of Member experience and Team Member training. He also has extensive expertise in leading and developing strong teams in multicultural environments.

Prior to joining The American Club, Robert served as a consultant providing expert advice to clubs and businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors.

Robert Bird - General Manager

Angie Ng

Senior Director of Finance

Angie oversees the Club’s Accounts, Store, Payroll, and Purchasing functions. She played a key role in formulating the Club’s five-year business plan and launched an enhanced cash flow management system which helped drive growth in revenue and Gross Operating Profit.

Angie also spearheaded the Club’s digital transformation to integrate new IT systems including a booking app, membership app and point-of-sale system.

A seasoned Finance professional, Angie has held finance leadership roles in the hospitality, retail and service industries, including listed companies. Some of her past achievements include the successful acquisition of two hotels in North Asia for Park Hotel Group and securing favorable refinancing to help retail giant, CK Tang, get back on track financially.

Angie Ng - Senior Director of Finance

Mylene Soh

Director of People Development

Mylene joined the Club in early September 2022. She is in charge of overseeing the Club’s People Development and Training team.

Mylene was formerly the Human Resource Director at Singapore Swimming Club for seven years before joining The American Club. A seasoned HR professional with vast experience in the hospitality industry, Mylene incorporates a consultative approach into her work and is able to effectively develop, implement and sustain positive change in the workplace. 

Mylene’s ability to establish collaborative union partner-management relationships has allowed her to maintain a perfect track record of zero reported staff grievances.

Mylene Soh - Director of People Development

Rachel Ang

Director of Membership & Marketing

Rachel oversees the Club’s Membership and  Marketing Communication functions. She was pivotal in creating a refreshed content strategy, resulting in an exponential growth in member engagement across all digital touchpoints. She also spearheaded the Club’s new website redevelopment project by modernizing its interface and ensuring seamless user interaction, in an effort to attract new Members and enhance existing Members’ online experience.

Rachel is a marketing champion with vast experience in advertising and brand management in Southeast Asia and China. In the span of her career, she has created integrated campaigns focused on customer acquisition, engagement and loyalty for major consumer brands and government agencies.

Rachel Ang - Director of Membership & Marketing

Nerang Mohammad

Director of Facilities & Security

Nerang oversees the operation of Engineering, Housekeeping and Security in the Club. He leads the Green Team in the Sustainable Working Group, where his energy saving initiatives has helped the Club save significant amounts on utilities cost every month. Nerang also played an important role in the Club’s redevelopment project in ensuring compliance to building and safety standards.

Some of Nerang’s achievements include the setting up and commissioning of cleanrooms in Malaysia ranging from Class 10 to Class 1000 and a medical plant in Chai Chee, where he won an Exemplary Employee Award for his contributions.

Nerang is a certified Water Efficiency Manager and also a Senior Fire Safety Manager registered with the Singapore Civil Defence Force.

Nerang Mohammad - Director of Facilities

Eleen Yap

Director of Retail Services

Eleen oversees the operation and growth of sên Spa, Essentials and the merchandise section of The Gourmet Pantry.  She played a pivotal role in the reopening of sên Spa in 2013, and the design and redevelopment of the spa in 2017. Eleen conceptualized the Signature Jade Radiance Facial, a highly sought-after service at the spa. She also helped to bring in robust retail offerings with hard-to-find brands in Singapore, making them accessible to Members.

In 2016, she won the Best Education Award by Aveda, a testament of her contributions in the world of wellness.

Eleen is a long-time hospitality professional who has worked in Singapore, Australia and Macau. She developed spa and leisure programs for brands like Swissôtel, Conrad, City of Dreams and Wynn.

Eleen Yap - Assistant Director of Club Services

Mark James

Director of Youth, Fitness & Leisure

Mark oversees the Fitness & Recreational and Youth & Bowling operations and activities in the Club. He played a key role in bringing back golf socials and events in response to a growing community of avid golfers at the Club. With health and well-being becoming increasingly important, Mark and his team are working to expand the Club’s offerings beyond fitness and leisure to include more holistic wellness activities. In view of Youth & Family being central to the Club community, he and his team strive to create engaging and enriching activities for the little ones.

Mark is one of the most experienced Sport and Recreation professionals in the Singapore, with a career in Club management spanning 20 years across Singapore Cricket Club, The British Club, Singapore Swimming Club and the Tanglin Club.

Mark James - Assistant Director of Fitness & Leisure

Duxbury Low

Acting Director of Food & Beverage

Duxbury is a seasoned Food & Beverage professional. He joined the Club in 2020 and is in charge of the planning and budgeting of all F&B operations at the Club, as well as managing the F&B service team. He is also involved in the ideation and conceptualization of dining promotions across all five F&B outlets, and is responsible for enhancing Members’ dining experience at the Club.

Some of Duxbury’s key achievements include improving The 2nd Floor’s reservation system to enhance Member experience, and increasing suppliers’ sponsorship levels allowing Members to enjoy greater value on the Club’s food and beverage. He was also instrumental in the successful implementation of the Flying Fox team – an F&B service team where Team Members are cross-trained to operate in all F&B outlets, thereby improving productivity and ensuring smooth operations at all times.

Prior to joining The American Club Singapore, Duxbury worked at The American Club Taipei as the Director of Food & Beverage.

Duxbury Low - Acting Director of Food & Beverage

Julie Zul

Director of Member Engagement

Julie is in charge of overseeing and managing the Member engagement and corporate secretarial functions of the Club. This includes maintaining the Club’s reputation as a premier destination for an enriching and enjoyable membership experience, and working closely with the General Manager, Management team and General Committee to ensure that the Club operates under good governance in line with its Constitution, Bylaws and Terms of Reference.

Some of her accomplishments include establishing the CARE (Creating A Right Environment) Program – a training program that helps equip our Team Members with the skills and competencies to mentor their junior colleagues.

Julie brings with her a long experience from the airline industry. She was a former flight attendant and cabin crew trainer with Silkair where she has mastered the art of service excellence and training teams.

Julie Zul - Assistant Director of Corporate Services

Anthony Pabalan

Assistant Director of Member Services

Anthony is responsible for cultivating the service excellence culture for Concierge, Thinkspace and Library. Anthony played a pivotal role in cultivating a safety-first culture at the Club, where he spearheaded the Club’s BizSafe Level 3 certification and re-certification – a nationally recognized Workplace Safety & Health accreditation. He also launched Team Wellness, an employee wellness program that aims to enhance the health and wellbeing of the Club’s Team Members.

Anthony is one of the Club’s long-serving employee. He joined in 2007 and has rotated five job functions since then – from starting out as a waiter at the F&B outlets, working in the Youth department, managing the Front Office and now, overseeing the Member Services department.

Some of his other accomplishments include helping to bring back the monthly Book Club at the Library and raising the profile of the Club’s Art Scene events.

Anthony Pabalan - Assistant Director of Member Services

Gideon Tan

Assistant Director of Information Technology

Gideon is responsible for revamping and upgrading the Club’s Information Technology (IT) infrastructure and its security, as well as introducing innovations that will put the Club on the path of digital transformation.

Gideon is a seasoned IT professional with an extensive background in retail and food & beverage industries. Prior to joining the Club, Gideon spearheaded the IT infrastructure build of leading retail brands in the areas of convenience retail, luxury retail and beauty. He has also designed and executed the transformation of retail brands from traditional brick and mortar to an omnichannel shopping experience.

Gideon Tan - Assistant Director of Information Technology

Partner Organizations

Singapore American School

40 Woodlands Street 41, Singapore 738547

Tel: +65 6363 3403

Stamford American International School

1 Woodleigh Lane, Singapore 357684

Tel: +65 6602 7247

Canadian International School

7 Jurong West Street 41, Singapore 649414

Tel: +65 6467 1732

Australian International School

1 Lor Chuan, Singapore 556818

Tel: +65 6883 5155

International Community School

27A Jubilee Rd, Singapore 128575

Tel: +65 6776 7435

XCL World Academy

2 Yishun Street 42, Singapore 768039

+65 6808 7321

ISS International School of Singapore

21 Preston Rd, Singapore 109355

Tel: +65 6475 4188

Overseas Family School

81 Pasir Ris Heights, Singapore 519292

Tel: +65 6738 0211

Dulwich College (Singapore)

71 Bukit Batok West Ave. 8, Singapore 658966

+65 6890 1000

Awards & Accolades

Top 100 Platinum City Clubs of the World 2024-2025

by PlatinumClubNet™

Certified a Great Place To Work 2023-2024

by Great Place To Work®

Human Capital Partner


Tripartite Alliance Award 2018


TAFEP Exemplary Employer Award 2016


SG Clean Quality Mark

by NEA

Green Mark Certification

by BCA

Water Efficient Building (Basic) Certification

by PUB

BizSafe Level 3

by Workplace Safety and Health Council

Bronze Winner for the Best Social Club 2023

by Expat Living

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