SafeEntry & Safe Management Measures


- It is mandatory to personally Check In and Check Out using the TraceTogether-only SafeEntry app/token when entering or leaving The Club. Members must show their completed Check-In screen to staff for verification. Members should not ask Club staff to do the TraceTogether-only SafeEntry Check In on their behalf.
- Members who do not have the TraceTogether-only SafeEntry app nor token on hand will not be permitted entry into The Club.
- For Members arriving in a group, TraceTogether-only SafeEntry Check In must be done by every person in the group aged 12 years and older. This applies to Members arriving by car too.
- Please note that each time you access the TraceTogether-only SafeEntry system, you are declaring that you are in compliance with government regulations under the Infectious Diseases Act (IDA). Misuse of the SafeEntry system not only risks the safety of all in our community but may result in serious consequences for The Club. It is an offence under the law for anyone to flout government regulations under the IDA or to provide inaccurate information to the Ministry of Health (MOH) during contact tracing.
- As TraceTogether-only SafeEntry verification is being done at the Club access points, please anticipate that entry to The Club may take a bit longer, particularly if you are driving. Please be patient and plan to arrive earlier for your Club appointments.


Click here to view the updated list of The Club's COVID-19 Advisory Updates (as of May 6, 2021).  



President / General Manager's Messages on COVID-19 & Safe Management Measures


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- January 24, 2020



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