Annual Staff Holiday Fund 2022

Dear Members,

Time flies – in a couple of months’ time, the holiday season will be upon us and 2021 will come to an end. It will be two years since we adjusted and fashioned our lives to the new normal with COVID-19.  

Apart from the external adjustments such as wearing masks and safe distancing, we are coping with internal adjustments as well.  Keeping our mental health in check while observing social restrictions, from not being able to participate in group activities and hobbies, to helping a friend or family member recover from the virus. Our foreign colleagues have also not seen their families back home – video calls are simply not the same.  All these take a toll on our physical, mental and financial health.  


Amidst all these, the Club’s team members put on a brave face - every day, every shift.   You are always greeted with a smile, a helping hand or a warm nod. From the front desk, to the restaurants, to the business center, to the fitness facilities, and even Zoom sessions. 


This year, more than ever, we appeal to our Members to show their appreciation to our team members who work tirelessly, to ensure that you and your families have a positive experience in the Club with every visit. We invite Members to contribute generously to the Annual Staff Holiday Fund. Your contribution will be distributed to all front line and back-of-house support teams.    


A standard deduction of $150 will be included in your November 2021 e-statement. There is no further action required on your part. If you would like to contribute a larger amount or opt out of the program, simply fill up the Annual Staff Holiday Fund 2022 Online Form

Alternatively, you may contact Vanessa ( / 6739-4390) before December 21, 2021.

Thank you in advance for your generosity and for investing in your Club. If you have any questions about this program, feel free to drop me an email at


Sincerely Yours,

Rick Coate

General Manager