COVID-19 Preparatory Stage FAQ



Updated on August 10, 2021



1.            Can I bring a child guest, 12 years and under to dine with my fully vaccinated family at the Club?

No, unvaccinated children aged 12 years and below may only be included within the group of 5 pax as long as all the children are from the same household.


2.            Can my group of 8 fully vaccinated adults dine-in at an F&B outlet if we split across two tables to adhere with the 5 pax in a group rule?

No, groups larger than 5 persons will not be allowed to dine-in even if split across different tables.


3.            Can unvaccinated Members enter the Club?

Yes, they can. However, the Club will adhere to the Government’s “vaccination-differentiated” approach, adopting measures to differentiate between vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons. For example, those who are fully vaccinated will be allowed to gather in a group of up to 5 pax. However, those are are not vaccinated are strongly advised to gather in a group of no more than 2 pax. 


4.            How many people can gather in a group in the Club?

Social gathering sizes will be increased to no more than 5 pax per group. However, if you are not vaccinated, you are encouraged to gather in groups of no more than 2 pax as advised by the Government.




5.            What is this Vaccination Verification Process and why is there a need to put a sticker on my Membership card?

This process is to verify your vaccination status during your first visit to the Club after August 10, 2021. If you are fully vaccinated, a sticker will be placed on your Membership card as a form of verification. You will not be required to undergo further verifications again at our outlets and facilities. Please ensure that you do not remove the sticker as you will be subjected to verification again.


6.            How do you define a fully vaccinated person?

The Government has defined fully vaccinated persons as:

a.            Anyone that has their full regime done locally in Singapore and passed 2 weeks (14 days) from their 2nd dose of their Pfizer BioNTech/Comirnaty, Moderna, or Sinovac shots. The status for Singapore residents who have received the Pfizer BioNTech/Comirnaty or Moderna vaccines will be shown on the TraceTogether or HealthHub apps, whereas the status for those who received the Sinovac vaccine will be shown on the HealthHub app. Or,

b.            Recovered from Covid-19. Or,

c.             Obtained a negative result on a Pre-Event Test (PET) taken in the 24 hours before the expected end of activity.


7.            I am vaccinated overseas, how can I register my vaccination records here in Singapore? And will I be able to get a The American Club Vaccinated sticker with my overseas vaccination certificate? 

You may arrange to have your vaccination records updated in the National Immunisation Registry. Click here for more information.


No stickers will be issued to Members with overseas vaccination certificate, per Government regulations on August 9. If you wish to get a The American Club Vaccinated sticker, please register your vaccination records in the National Immunisation Registry.


8.            What types of stickers will be issued?

Fully vaccinated (local) Members: A permanent sticker will be pasted onto your Membership card which will be used for verification for entry into F&B outlets and facilities around the Club.


Members and Guests who have a negative PET: We will issue a sticker that would need to be pasted visibly on your outfits. These stickers are only valid on the day of entry or until the expiry of the PET Results.


Non-vaccinated Members, Guests, and overseas vaccination certificates will not be issued any stickers.


 9.           Can I take a sticker for my spouse/child who is a JM?

No, your spouse or JM must be present for us to verify their vaccination status before a sticker is being issued.


10.          What do I need to bring along for the Vaccination Verification Process?

You can bring along either of the following:

a.            Your vaccination certificates (locally issued only)

b.            TraceTogether App

c.             HealthHub App

d.            PET Test Result


Do note that the Club would also need your Membership card to verify the details on the Certificate and App.

Do also note that the Club does not have access to check your vaccination status online for you as the status is only pegged to each individual. The Club reserves the right to deny entry to any Member if they refuse to declare their vaccination status.


11.          What if I had forgotten to bring my vaccination certificate / I do not have the TraceTogether or HealthHub App but I am fully vaccinated. Can I still get the sticker?

Unfortunately, no. We would need to perform the Vaccination Verification Process as any lapses will not only put the Club at risk from enforcement, but the health and safety of Members and staff will also be compromised. You can still however enter the Club but you will be considered a non- vaccinated person until you are able to verify your vaccination status.


12.          I am declared medically unfit to take any vaccinations. Do these measures apply to me as well?

Yes, even if you are medically unfit to take any vaccinations, you will still be considered a non- vaccinated person under the directives from the Government.


13.          I had taken the Sinovac Vaccine / I had taken Sinovac as my 2nd dose as I was allergic to the mRNA vaccines. How can I show my vaccination status?

The status for those who received the Sinovac vaccine can be accessed and shown on the HealthHub app.


14.          Can I use a Self-Swab ART in replacement for a PET?

No. A PET is a Covid-19 test using ART that is administered by MOH-approved Covid-19 Test Providers. A PET is certified, and you will be issued with a proper certificate as proof of a negative result with the date and time of expiry printed on it. Since there is no way of verifying the validity and the exact time that a Self-Swab ART is done, it cannot be used as a replacement for a PET. This is clearly spelt out under the directives from the Government.


15.          What if I misplaced my sticker?

Please approach the verification counter at the Club’s Lobby to receive a new sticker. Please note that we would need to perform the Vaccination Verification Process again prior to issuing you with a new sticker.


16.          How does the 24-hour timeline work for Pre-Event Testing?

An unvaccinated person who has a valid negative PET result will be allowed to engage in activities and/or dine-in like a fully vaccinated person but only for the duration within the certificate’s validity period.


For example, if you have a dine-in appointment that is expected to end at 2:00 p.m., then you must have taken the test no earlier than 2:00 p.m. the day before. Staff will be allowed to ask you to leave the dine-in / activity premises once your certificate has expired and no refunds will be given.




17.          Can I dine-in at the Club’s F&B outlets if I am vaccinated overseas?

As per directives from the Government, Members who are vaccinated overseas (i.e. holding hard copies of vaccination certificates obtained overseas) will not be accepted. Members who have been vaccinated overseas who wish to dine-in will have to register their vaccination records in Singapore in the National Immunisation Registry. Click here for more information.


18.          Can non-vaccinated Members dine at outdoor areas such as Grillhouse?

No, non-vaccinated Members are only allowed to do takeaways. For takeaway orders, please place it through TAC2Go!


This decision was made according to Government regulations – the directives for Hawker Centres and Coffee Shops do not include our F&B outlets, they operate with a different license. We will continue to monitor the directives from the Government and will make changes accordingly if there are any.


19.          I have a child below the age of 12. Can he/she dine with me on the same table?

You would need to show proof that this child below the age of 12 is living in the same household as you (through residential address). If they are, they can be seated with you. However, do note that each table must sit no more than 5 pax at any one time.


If the child is not living in the same household, they will not be able to dine-in at any of our outlets.




20.          Why are non-vaccinated persons not allowed to use the gym? This was not stated in the directives reported in the press.

Organizations are allowed to enhance measures to safeguard the wellbeing of their Members and staff. Due to the size of our gym, there is insufficient space for safe distancing between vaccinated and non-vaccinated individuals. Also, as most gym activities are strenuous in nature, a person may not knowingly remove their mask to catch a breath or drink water, which may put all the other gym users at risk if the person is not fully vaccinated. Furthermore, there will be a higher risk of fomite transmission due to the use of common equipment. Therefore, the Club, for the best interest of its gym users, will limit entry to only fully vaccinated individuals.




21.          Is there any segregation between vaccinated and non-vaccinated persons if I am engaging in swimming / tennis?

No. However, you may only gather in groups of not more than 5 pax. Masks may be removed when you are engaging in the sport/activity but must be worn back once the activity has ended or while resting. Groups must also ensure a 1m safe distancing apart from other groups.




22.          Why is the steam room limited to 1 pax only with a time limit of 10 minutes?

This is because we are unable to enforce checks on Members’ vaccination status prior to them using the steam room. Furthermore, usage of the steam room would require masks to be removed. Therefore, we can only allow 1 pax in the steam room at any one time regardless of vaccination status. The 10 min time limit is to facilitate other Members who also wants to use the steam room.


23.          Why do you limit the capacity for the steam room but not the shower area?

Members will need to keep their masks on in the shower room, except during the act of showering, as compared to being in the steam room where masks can be kept off throughout. Therefore, there is a need to enforce a capacity and time limit for the steam room for the health and safety of our Members.