Club History

Built upon the values of inclusive diversity, The American Club has strived to enrich the lives and experiences of Americans, their families, and the greater expat-local community in Singapore through the cultivation of a vibrant, positive and close-knit social community.


From modest beginnings in rented quarters and an initial membership of 146, The Club has grown steadily – and is now a place that more than 10,000 Members from multiple nationalities call their home away from home. Our growth can be attributed to the collective efforts of dedicated, public-spirited and forward-thinking individuals who all shared in our vision. 



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The Club engaged fellow Club Member and historian Jim Baker for a series of talks to showcase our colorful and extensive Club history. Titled "A Walk Down Memory Lane", Jim's talks were entertaining and many Members were reminded of the good times they had at The Club throughout the years. 


Take a virtual walk down memory lane if you've missed out on our talks by viewing the videos in the links below! 


A Walk Down Memory Lane 1

The Galbraith Ballroom and anecdotes about growing up in The Club community, in particular, fond memories of the old Bowling Alley.


A Walk Down Memory Lane 2

Did you know that The Club went through three major redevelopment projects? Jim discusses the years past and regales the crowd with little known facts of our Orchard neighborhood. 



A Walk Down Memory Lane 3


Our all-day-dining restaurant Tradewinds opened its doors in July 2019. Find out the history and development behind Tradewinds' interesting name and concept.