Personal Training


Personal training is a fantastic way to get customized instruction on a one-on-one or buddy program basis. Our qualified team of Personal Trainers possesses a wide and diverse range of expertise from basic fitness and wellness, weight loss, muscle gain, sport, rehabilitation and nutrition.


Why Personal Training?


·         Customized and specific program tailored to your individual fitness goals and needs

·         Ensure proper exercise technique and form

·         Commitment to a regular exercise program

·         Provide a variety of exercise methods

·         Provide motivation and the “push factor”

·         Ensure injury prevention

·         Offer nutritional advice


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Personal Training Packages


1 session


60 mins

5 sessions


60 mins

10 sessions


30 mins

10 sessions


60 mins

Buddy 5 sessions $400 60 mins


Should you have any questions, please contact the Sports Counter at 6739-4312 or email


Personal Training Feedback


Do you have feedback about your personal trainer and/or personal training program? Looking for a substitute trainer while your trainer is away? Let us know your concerns via our Gym Coordinator at or Fitness & Leisure Manager at and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Rest assured that your feedback will be kept in the strictest confidence.