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Apr 14, 2024

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Community Service Awards: Call for Nominations

Recognizing individuals in the community
who have given back to Singapore


The American Club, American Association of Singapore, American Women’s Association, American Chamber of Commerce and Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore are proud to bring you the inaugural Community Service Awards (CSA). The CSA aims to recognize its Members who have made an impact through their community service efforts in Singapore. This is also a way to spread awareness of good causes our Members have put their hearts into.

Do you know an inspiring role model who makes a difference in the lives of the underprivileged in Singapore? Or someone who has raised not just money, but awareness of movements or organizations that make the world a better place? Do you work with an organization and would like the community to take notice?

Submit a nomination today.


Submit a nomination here.


Eligibility and Criteria
1. The nominee must be an active volunteer during 2022. Verification may be required and must be produced upon request.
2. The nominee should be an inspiration and role model in the way the nominee provided community service.
3. The nominee must be aged 18 or above as of the date of nomination.
4. The nominee must be a Member in good standing at The American Club, American Association of Singapore, American Women’s Association, American Chamber of Commerce and/or Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore, as of the date of both nomination and award presentation.
5. The nominee must not be involved in any legal or criminal proceedings, litigation, bankruptcy and/or regulatory infraction at the point of submission.
6. Beneficiaries of the community service must be based in Singapore.


Notice and Conditions
• All nominations must be submitted via the online registration form by 6:00 p.m. on February 17, 2023.
• Shortlisted nominees will be contacted by end-February 2023.
• The Awards Ceremony will take place in March 2023.
• Self-nomination will be permitted; however, nominations by another person will be positively weighted by the judges.
• A panel of judges will evaluate all nominations.
• Confidentiality of results must be maintained until the Awards Ceremony.
• All decisions of the panel of judges will be final.
• Award recipients may be invited to share their award-winning practices.
• By submitting a nomination or winning an award, nominees agree to allow The American Club, American Association of Singapore, American Women’s Association, American Chamber of Commerce, Canadian Chamber of Commerce in Singapore and partners to use this information for publicity purposes.
• A minimum of two (2) supporting documents such as references, testimonials, articles, etc. are to be included in the submission.


Event Date

February 17, 2023

Event Location

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