Library FAQs

1. What are the Library’s operating hours? Is it closed on Sundays or Public Holidays?
The Library operates daily from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., including Sundays and Public Holidays.
2. How do I know what bestsellers are available in the Library?
Every week the librarians compile a list of bestsellers; please feel free to check with them for the week’s list. In addition, posters of selected bestsellers are put up in the Library and updated every fortnight.
3. Where can I find out what new books and audiobooks have been added to the Library collection?
New books and audiobooks are displayed in the section where they are shelved and in the glass display shelves located just outside the Children’s Section. There is a display area next to the main entrance where Members will find recently acquired books, titles recommended by the Committee, and Award Winners & Finalists.
4. For how long can items be checked out?  Can the time be extended?
Please refer to the Library webpage for more information about the loan policy.
5. Since the Library does not provide scanning and photocopy services, where can I make copies or scan documents?
The Business Center provides scanning and photocopy services.
6. May my children (below 12 years old) borrow books or movies from the Library when they are accompanied by my domestic helper?
No. Children below 12 years of age must be accompanied by a parent if they wish to borrow Library items. Since the parents are responsible for borrowed items, the Library requests that they check them out.
7. Why can’t I check out current magazines and take them home?
The demand for current magazines is high. This ensures that Members don’t have to wait for a few days to read them. 
8. I noticed that the Library has only one copy of each book. Why don’t you purchase 2 copies for each title?
This is to maximize available shelf space and diversify the Library collection to serve the general member population. For some really popular books, we do purchase additional copies to meet the demand.
9. If I forget to return my Library items before my overseas trip, may I get a waiver for overdue fines?
No. We ask that you kindly return all Library items or call us to extend them if you are going overseas.
10. Besides the Library, where else can I drop off Library items in the Club?
You can return books at the Book Drop box located outside Essentials or leave them with the Concierge. 
Please note that movies and audio books may only be returned to the Library or via the Concierge. This is to prevent disks from being scratched or improperly handled. Damaged items found in the Book Drop box will be billed to the membership account.
11. May I leave my children (under 8 years old) with my domestic helper in the Library while I go to Spa/Gym?
Yes, you may but for only 1 hour. Children under 8 are not allowed in the Library without supervision.
12. I have a big family; may I borrow more than 3 movies?
To ensure that our movie collection is available to all, we limit all families to 3 movies at a time regardless of family size.
13. Why can’t I eat while in the Library?
The Library’s humidity is maintained for the purpose of protecting all books and media. Beverages are acceptable in the Library but not food. Crumbs and such that are left behind could attract bugs and incur additional costs to clean and sanitize. We hope you understand the need to keep the Library clean for everyone. 
14. I have never received any reminders and end up incurring big fines. Can someone call me whenever my Library items are due other than the scheduled reminders on Mondays and Thursdays please?
We’re sorry that this has happened. We will check our records to find out if the reminders were not sent you. Do help us by updating your contact details with the Membership Office and the Library so that you will receive the early reminder via sms or courtesy phone call.
15. What should I do if I lose a book or DVD?
Please report lost items to the librarians as soon as possible to avoid incurring additional overdue charges. If you are not sure if you have actually borrowed an item to begin with, check with the librarians. If you can’t keep track of the items that have been checked out, kindly request a print-out for reference.
Last updated on Feb 3, 2017