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Loan Period | Renewals | Overdue Fines

Item Loan Quota Loan Period Renewals allowed Overdue Fines
Books 7 per card  2 weeks 2 $0.50 daily per book
Audio-books 2 per card  2 weeks 2 $2.50 daily per audiobook
Magazines 2 per card  1 week 2 $0.50 daily per magazine
Movies 3 per family  1 week 2 $2.50 daily per movie
Travel books 2 per card  1 week 2 $0.50 daily per travel book


Book Drops

Book drop location:

1. Entrance/exit of car park outside Essentials. (Only for books and magazines)*

2. Concierge.  (All library items)

*To ensure that audiobook and movie discs remain in good condition for the benefit of all library patrons, please return them to the Library or via the Concierge.


Kay Wood Memorial Library

Did you know the Club’s library contains over 20,000 books, 1,000 DVDs, 800 audio-books and 37 different magazines? The library is divided into three sections—adults, children and a private toddler room; and there’s definitely something for everyone in the family.

To a great extent, this treasure is the result of efforts by volunteer members throughout the decades. Probably the greatest of those volunteers was Kay Wood. In the 60s and 70s, she devoted many hours to expanding and upgrading the library—as well as volunteering for AWA, American Association and SAS activities and raising four children. Kay’s infectious sense of humor and genuine commitment to the community were her most endearing traits. Her generous spirit gave out when she died from cancer in 1978. The Club named the library in her memory, and her portrait hangs in the hallway near the children’s entrance.

Today’s Library Committee has eight members, each in charge of providing up-to-date material for specific sections of the library and dedicated to making it the best it can be with a limited budget.

Our book categories are Fiction/Non-Fiction Adult, Young Adult, Junior and Child, Biographies, Science Fiction, Travel, Cookbooks, Movies, Audio-Books and Toddlers.

In addition to purchasing books and DVDs, the committee and small staff have readings by authors and volunteers, used book sales, coloring contests, holiday book sales, Top of the Shelf, book suggestions and a paperback exchange. In a folder behind the desk are lists of current best sellers and award-winning books.

Adults’ Library
Furnished with comfortable arm chairs, coffee tables and reading spaces, members enjoy some quiet time here as they pick up a book or magazine to read. The bookshelves are categorized according to Adult Fiction & Non-Fiction, Young Adult, Audio books, Cook Books, Travel Books and Biographies.


Check out the display shelves as you walk down the aisles for award winners & finalists, new arrivals, bestsellers and committee picks.


Children’s Library

The Children’s Library houses a collection of books and audiobooks catered to toddlers, children and teenagers. Bookshelves are labeled according to Easy Readers (3 – 5 years old), Picture Books (6 – 8 years), Chapter Books (9 -10 years old), Children Non-Fiction, Junior Fiction,  Junior Non-Fiction (11 – 14 years old), and Children’s Audio books. 


Further sub-categories are the Junior Fiction series, Chapter Books series, Fairy Tales and Poetry. Award winners and finalists, new arrivals and Committee Picks are readily available on the display shelves.

Magazines & Movies
The library carries 33 different magazines; they include Oprah, Delicious, The Economist, Forbes, Popular Science and National Geographic among others.


The library has a collection of about 1000 movies which is located in the Children’s Library; titles include the latest releases, popular titles, movies for children, foreign films and Hindi films.

Digital Catalogue
A computer terminal located in the Adult Library serves as a digital library catalogue (OPAC). Members can search for books, audio-books, magazines and movies according to the title, author, subject, item number, series and notes using OPAC.


This is useful during peak periods when the librarians are unable to attend to members immediately. An online version is in the pipeline and will be available in the near future.


Planning to spring clean your home?
Consider donating books in presentable condition to The Club Library. Fiction and non-fiction books, including children's books are welcome! Please call or email the librarians for more information.