The American Club is Singapore’s favourite Social and Sports Club, a unique private community where Members ofmore than 60 nationalities with diverse and dynamic cultureand their families enjoy superb facilities, outstanding dining expereience and a high level of service.

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Jun 13, 2024

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Did you know the Club’s library contains over 20,000 books, 1,000 DVDs, 800 audio-books and 37 different magazines? The library is divided into two sections—adult and children.

To a great extent, this treasure is the result of efforts by volunteer members throughout the decades. Probably the greatest of those volunteers was Kay Wood. In the 60s and 70s, she devoted many hours to expanding and upgrading the library—as well as volunteering for AWA, American Association and SAS activities and raising four children. Kay’s infectious sense of humor and genuine commitment to the community were her most endearing traits. Her generous spirit gave out when she died from cancer in 1978. The Club named the library in her memory, and her portrait hangs in the hallway near the children’s library entrance.

Borrowing Entitlement

Loan Period | Renewals | Overdue Fines


14 books per Membership card
for 2 weeks

Renewals – 2

Overdue Fines
$0.50 daily per book


7 audio-books per Membership card for 2 weeks

Renewals – 2

Overdue Fines
$2.50 daily per audiobook


2 magazines per Membership
card for 1 week

Renewals – 2

Overdue Fines
$0.50 daily per magazine


3 movies per family
for 1 week

Renewals – 2

Overdue Fines
$$2.50 daily per movie

Travel Books

2 travel books per Membership
card for 1 week

Renewals – 2

Overdue Fines
$0.50 daily per travel book

Book Drop Location

Concierge desk and Thinkspace counter (All library items).

*To ensure that audio-books and movie discs remain in good condition, please return them to the Library or Concierge.

Adult Library

Furnished with comfortable arm chairs, coffee tables and reading spaces, Members enjoy quiet reading time here. The bookshelves are categorized according to Adult Fiction & Non-Fiction, Young Adult, Audio books, Cook Books, Travel Books and Biographies.

Browse the display shelves as you walk down the aisles for award winners & finalists, new arrivals, bestsellers and committee picks.

Library Events

The Club’s Adult and Children’s Libraries are a hit with
both the young and the young at heart. From Book Author events, complimentary children’s story time sessions to Book Club meetings, our libraries provide a safe haven for you to escape into the literary world. Drop by and attend our events!

For more information
Please call 6739-4380 or email .


OverDrive is an easy-to-use app which functions as a digital extension of a brick-and-mortar library. Simply download the free app to access selected e-copies our available books for up to two weeks.

Available on

Book Club

Join our monthly Book Club sessions to meet fellow book lovers and partake in thoughtful discussions about award winning novels!

For more information

Please call 6739-4380 or email


The Library stocks a wide selection of high-definition movies. Simply approach any of our friendly Thinkspace staff to view our movie selection. Perfect for keeping the young ones occupied when you need to work, or to enjoy some much-needed downtime.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Library’s operating hours? Is it closed on Sundays or Public Holidays?

The Library operates daily from 9:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m., including Sundays and Public Holidays.

The librarians compile a list of bestsellers; please feel free to check with them for the week’s list. In addition, posters of selected bestsellers are put up in the Library and updated every fortnight.

New books are displayed in the shelves located in the Library.

The Business Center provides scanning and photocopying services.

No. Children below 12 years old must be accompanied by a parent if they wish to borrow Library items.

The demand for current magazines is high. This ensures that Members don’t have to wait for a few days to read them.

This is to maximize available shelf space and diversify the Library’s collection to serve the general Member population. For popular books, we do purchase additional copies to meet the demand.

No. We ask that you kindly return all Library items or call us to extend them if you are going overseas.

You can return books at the Book Drop box located outside Essentials or leave them with the Concierge.
Please note that movies and audio books can only be returned to the Library or via the Concierge. This is to prevent disks from being scratched or improperly handled. Damaged items found in the Book Drop box will be billed to the membership account.

Yes, you may but only for an hour. Children under the age of eight are not allowed in the Library without supervision.

To ensure that our movie collection is available to all, we limit all families to borrow three movies at a time regardless of family size.

Beverages are acceptable in the Library but not food. Crumbs and such that are left behind could attract bugs and incur additional costs to clean and sanitize.

We’re sorry that this has happened. We will check our records to find out if the reminders were not sent you. Do help us by updating your contact details with the Membership Office and the Library so that you will receive the early reminder via SMS or courtesy phone call.

Please report lost items to the librarians as soon as possible to avoid incurring additional overdue charges. If you are not sure if you have actually borrowed an item to begin with, check with the librarians. If you can’t keep track of the items that have been checked out, kindly request a print-out for reference.

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