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Jun 22, 2024

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workout plan for beginners

Workout Plan for Beginners: Transform Your Body in Six Weeks

Table of Contents

In the blink of an eye, the season of warmth, sun, sea, and sandy shores is upon us once more. Imagine confidently flaunting a leaner, stronger physique in your latest swimwear on the beaches.

This program offers a straightforward fitness regimen for those seeking their ideal beach body this season. Combined with a balanced diet, determination, and consistent effort, noticeable changes will become evident in your body within six weeks of following this workout plan for beginners.

Weeks 1 – 4

The beginning is always the hardest. Stay focused on your vision of a fitter, healthier you at the end of the journey.

The ideal body is all about proportions – many fitness junkies only focus on their upper bodies while neglecting the lower bodies. A mix of both upper and lower body workouts two to three times a week are recommended, especially if you’re aiming for the perfect body by the end of this six-week workout program. This not only prevents your workouts from getting repetitive and boring, but also helps to strengthen your abdominal and lower back muscles.

Upper Body WorkoutsLower Body Workouts
Chest PressesHamstring Curls
Tricep ExtensionsBack
Shoulder PressesBicep Curls

Repetitions should range from eight  to 15 times, with a recovery time of 40 to 65 seconds in between sets.

Besides upper and lower body workouts, core exercises are equally important:

  • 2-minute planks (sets of 10)
  • Lying lower back raises (10-second pause, 10 reps)
  • 1-minute side planks (sets of 10)
  • 90-degree leg raises while lying flat on the ground (20 reps)

In the first four weeks, focus on building as much muscle as you can. Resting time should be kept to less than 90 seconds – this ensures the body burns fat while building muscles, especially when sets are performed back-to-back (supersets). Supersets are a major component of this program and if performed properly, will push your metabolism into the anaerobic zone, resulting in fat loss.

Weeks 5 & 6

Congratulations, you have now reached your penultimate and final weeks. By now, you would have gained a sizable amount of muscle mass. It’s time to increase your cardio and intensity of your circuit training, and most crucially, stick to a clean diet. While many think that exercising is the only way to achieve visible abs, cutting back on one’s body fat is even more important. Abs will only become visible when fat is cut from the waist, and lowering your total body fat will help you achieve your goal.

Cut back on carbohydrates with high glycemic indices (e.g. white bread, crackers, bagels, etc.) and opt for “good” carbs like fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts. At the same time, aim to drink an average of seven  or eight  glasses of water daily. Water not only flushes out toxins but also boosts your immune system and promotes weight loss.

By the end of week 6, you should be feeling readier than ever to hit the sand and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

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