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May 28, 2024

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What Is Your Family Holiday Tradition?

In the heart of every holiday season lies the warmth of family traditions, both old and new. Learn how different families in the Club celebrate the holiday season and create special memories together.

“Every year, we take an annual Christmas holiday picture. Then we fly to the United States, where the whole extended family gets together on Christmas Eve. Instead of the traditional turkey dinner, we opt for a homemade Chinese feast!”

— Club Member, Natalie Hui (top left)

“Every Christmas, we make it a point to be back in Singapore for the holidays to spend time with the family. The highlight is a fantastic Christmas lunch spread at my cousin Marian’s home with all the cousins, uncles and aunts.”

— Club Member, Eugene Gopalan (left)

“We celebrate Christmas on the eve of Christmas, the 24th of December. At noon, we eat a special sweet rice porridge containing one whole almond. The one who finds the almond gets the prize. Then we place the gifts under the tree, cook, and have dinner. After dinner, the gifts are distributed, and everyone takes turns opening a gift.”

— Club Member, Christine Agertoft (second from left)

“We have gone home for the holidays every single year in the last 25 years that we’ve lived overseas as an expatriate family. As you may know, the holidays in the Philippines are celebrated with big family reunions, traditional cuisine, and lots of gift-giving. This year, my 88-year-old father has requested that we celebrate away from the Philippines with all 27 of us present. I’m looking forward to this as family is everything.”

— Club Member, Francis Puno (center)

“Spending time with my loved ones is the most important – family is everything! Some of my siblings live in different parts of the world, but we always find time to get together whenever we can, especially during the holidays. One of our favorite activities is going back to nature or to the beach to relax and spend quality time together. It’s not the fancy food or restaurants that we eat at – it’s the unforgettable memories that we create together.”

— Club Team Member, Janice Alindao (second from left)

“My family tradition every year-end is to celebrate all the December babies’ birthdays. We usually organize a chalet get-together or go on a delicious potluck picnic while watching fireworks. Each of us will bring different dishes for a hearty meal. Also, as my grandfather’s hobby is fishing, we will bring along fishing rods to try to get a catch!”

— Club Team Member, Nazurah Ghazali (second from left)

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