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Jun 22, 2024

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President's Message – Fall 2023

President’s Message – Fall 2023

Dear Fellow Members,

I hope that everyone enjoyed their summer break, whether in Singapore or overseas. Fall is fast approaching, and we now have more months behind us than remaining in 2023. The remaining months will be filled with many celebrations, events and activities at the Club, and I hope you’re just as excited as I am.

By the time you are reading this, Dan Durkin will have re-joined his family in Colorado and started his next professional chapter in starting his new restaurant. On behalf of the General Committee, all of our Members, and our Team Members, I want to extend my sincerest appreciation to Dan for his seven years with the Club and, especially most recently, for serving as our Acting General Manager. Dan’s willingness to spend two months longer than originally planned, which meant being apart from his family back in the U.S., was critical to the successful transition of leadership to Robert Bird. Thank you, Dan, you will be missed.

With Robert now leading our team, the Club is ramping up to celebrate Singapore’s National Day in August, the Club’s 75th anniversary in September, and both Canadian Thanksgiving and Halloween in October. I personally enjoy the year-long Diamond Legacy Ale special – a custom offering celebrating the Club’s 75th anniversary – which drew specific praise (and envy) from the President of The American Club Hong Kong during his recent visit. If you find them offering something similar at their Club for their 100th anniversary next year, you will know where they got the idea! Our Club, and our Team Members, continue to impress even beyond the borders of Singapore and I thank all of our Members in advance for supporting the various events and activities Robert and his team work so hard to put together for you.

While we may not get the four seasons of weather in Singapore which best remind me of Fall growing up in the U.S., I can feel the energy at the Club increasing as families get back into their normal post-summer routines. As we undoubtedly will face busier days ahead, let us all be reminded to greet each other with kind words, treat all with respect, and ensure our Team Members have a safe and positive work environment. Keeping the Latin phrase “Maxima Enim, Patientia Virtus” in mind, especially as we enjoy the social aspects of our Club, will help us continue to be a beacon of positivity and inclusivity for years to come.


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