The American Club is Singapore’s favourite Social and Sports Club, a unique private community where Members ofmore than 60 nationalities with diverse and dynamic cultureand their families enjoy superb facilities, outstanding dining expereience and a high level of service.

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Jun 10, 2023

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Building Strong Professional Networks through Coffee Meetings

Coffee meetings create a casual setting to build a strong professional network effectively. Direct interaction over a cup of coffee offers flexibility to get to know potential contacts. This article will discuss how to use coffee meetings to build valuable connections and advance your career. Building a professional network Meeting for coffee is a classic […]

Dive Right In: The Most Important Swimming Accessories Every Beginner Needs

The first thing every beginner swimmer should consider is to equip yourself with the right accessories. In this article, we will introduce the must-have gear that will enhance your swimming experience. Get ready to gear up and make a splash in the water. The Essentials Good to have All of the accessories mentioned above can […]

Tips to Plan the Ultimate Surprise Birthday Party for Your Kids

Planning a surprise birthday party is a wonderful way to excite your little one and create lasting memories. Imagine the happiness on your child’s face when they walk into a room filled with their close friends and family members. However, organizing a surprise event is not an easy task, especially when there are kids involved. […]

Living the Expat Life: Exploring the Experiences of Americans in Singapore

Singapore has a diverse ethnic background, which makes it an ideal destination for expats from many countries. This article delves into the experiences of American expats in Singapore, exploring what to expect when making the move, the challenges faced by expat families, and the invaluable support offered by the expat community here. What to expect […]

Easy strength training exercises for beginner swimmers

Why should we warm-up before a swim session? Before diving into the pool, it is crucial to ensure that your body is ready to take to the waters. Warm-up exercises allow swimmers to improve their performance as well as reduce the chance of injury. More specifically, warm-ups help to: Strength training exercises for beginner swimmers  […]

Game on! Bowling tips for beginners

Bowling has always been an exciting and fun bonding activity for friends and family. The art of bowling may seem daunting for first-time bowlers. Fret not, for we’ve compiled a list of useful tips and bowling etiquettes for beginners.  Tips for first-time bowlers  Pick the right ball size A ball size is associated with its […]

At a Glance: Summer Exclusives

Tradewinds Labor Day Brunch – Monday, May 1, 2023Everyone deserves a break! Say goodbye to Monday blues and gather your family and friends for a relaxing, delectable brunch this Labor Day. Mother’s Day Brunch – Sunday, May 14, 2023A delightful Mother’s Day-themed brunch awaits you and all the mothers at Tradewinds. A spread of popular […]

Business networking using your private club community

Private clubs are becoming more and more well-liked among business people who want to broaden their professional networks. This article will discuss why private clubs are one of the best options for developing a strong business network. Why join a private club to grow your professional network? Joining a private club can be beneficial for […]

Family activities to do this weekend in Singapore

Looking for a fun and fresh way to spend time with your family this weekend in Singapore? Private clubs in Singapore offer a range of family activities and facilities that can provide a unique and memorable experience for every member of the family . From swimming pools and children’s amenities to sports facilities and dining […]

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