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Jul 13, 2024

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Basic Gym Workout

Back to Basic Gym Workout with Essential Exercises for Beginners

More often than not, many of those who wish to embark on their fitness journey after a prolonged period of sedentary lifestyle mistakenly aim for the stars – when in fact, it would do them better to go back to the basics of fitness. Mobility and bodyweight exercise is one of the many ways to go back to basics. Just like how we warm up our cars before we drive off in the morning, we must also ensure we warm up our bodies upon rising before starting the day. We are asleep for six to eight hours during the night and our bodies become stiff. Hence, it is essential that we spend five to ten minutes every morning doing basic gym workout exercises and movements to ensure maximum mobility. 

Joint Mobility Exercises

Start from the top with some joint mobility training. Rotate your head, shoulder, hips, wrists, elbows and knees to loosen your joints. This simple exercise only takes a few minutes but we often overlook it. For those who are extra diligent, you can even do this at your office desk periodically throughout the day to energize yourself and beat the stress of work.

Enhancing Flexibility

Next, increase your flexibility by practicing basic movements such as squatting, picking up things from the ground, planking, push-ups and even crawling. These movements will help one achieve the desirable range of motion of flexibility, strengthen joints and prevent injuries in the long run.

Preparing for Complex Exercises

These simple warm-up routines will prepare our bodies for more complex exercises, or simply to get our motors running after a sedentary period. It is important to first understand how our body works before attempting to use external equipment such as dumbbells and barbells. Take gymnasts for example; they work primarily using their own body weight and only lift weights as a secondary option to improve their physique.

With a new year comes new resolutions – start your day with these simple warm-up exercises for a healthier body.

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