The American Club is Singapore’s favourite Social and Sports Club, a unique private community where Members ofmore than 60 nationalities with diverse and dynamic cultureand their families enjoy superb facilities, outstanding dining expereience and a high level of service.

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May 28, 2024

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Mr Anthony Aurol & Mr Kelly Tan

75 Years and Shining

The American Club and Members turn 75 in 2023

In a remarkable testament to its longevity and history, The American Club, which first opened its doors in Singapore in 1948, is set to celebrate its momentous 75th anniversary this year. As the Club reflects on seven and a half decades of providing exceptional experiences and fostering a sense of community, it is only fitting to honor and celebrate a group of Members who, like the Club, is also marking their 75th anniversary this year.

In this special feature, we commemorate these individuals, sharing their stories, experiences, and the connection that they share with The American Club. Together, we celebrate not only the Club’s legacy but also the lives and milestones of these Members, whose journeys intertwine with the rich heritage of the Club’s history. 

Mr Anthony Aurol & Mrs Adele Aurol-Lay Moey – 40 Years of Membership

This year holds a double celebration for Anthony as he not only reaches the remarkable age of 75 but also marks his 40th year of membership with The American Club.

Anthony’s journey with the Club began in 1983. Working for an American-owned company, he found himself drawn to the Club’s welcoming and family-oriented atmosphere, which he believed would provide a nurturing environment for his wife, Adele and three young children.

Anthony, Adele and family celebrating the festive season at the Club in 2013
Anthony, Adele and family celebrating the festive season at the Club in 2013

In the early years, Anthony and his family immersed themselves in a myriad of activities offered by the Club. From swimming to squash and tennis, they embraced the wide range of options available. It was during this time that Anthony formed meaningful connections with the Club’s Team Members, some of whom have remained an integral part of his life to this day.

Among these cherished relationships is Abdul, now the Club’s Chief Lifeguard, who served as the swimming coach to Anthony’s three children. Even now, Abdul continues to maintain a special bond with Anthony and his family, diligently watching over Anthony’s grandchildren whenever they visit the Club from the United States. Additionally, Anthony fondly remembers Mavis, a familiar face at the Sports Counter, and numerous other Team Members in the Fitness & Leisure department who left a lasting impression on him.

Not only did The American Club serve as a place for Anthony’s family to gather and bond, but it also provided a venue for him to host colleagues and clients. The grand and prestigious Presidential Room became Anthony’s favorite dining spot, offering the perfect ambiance to impress his guests. He also frequented the Pacific Room, indulging in authentic Chinese cuisine. Eagle’s Nest, with its wide array of salads, held a special place in Anthony’s heart. Anthony would often boast about the extensive Salad Bar to his friends.

While Anthony cherishes the memories of the old clubhouse, he acknowledges the Club’s progress in upgrading its facilities, embracing the evolving needs and desires of its Members.

Anthony and Adele at Singapore’s 50th National Day celebration at the Club

Today, Anthony finds solace and convenience in the Club’s modern amenities. The Thinkspace Business Center caters exceptionally well to the business community, offering a space where he can comfortably conduct his business. Essentials, the go-to store for daily necessities, and The Gourmet Pantry, with its impressive wine selection, have become integral parts of his Club experience. As a wine aficionado, Anthony eagerly anticipates the wine dinners at The 2nd Floor, although he acknowledges that sometimes, it can be a challenge to secure a reservation due to its popularity.

Major events at the Club also hold a special place in Anthony’s heart. From the Club’s annual Birthday Bash, to the grand New Year’s Ball and cherished traditions like the 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Tree Lighting, he eagerly participates in the annual celebrations, reveling in the sense of community and camaraderie they bring.

Anthony and Adele at the Club’s 74th Birthday Bash

When envisioning the Club’s future, Anthony expressed a desire for more live music performances — an avenue through which he can indulge his love for music and dancing, further enhancing the vibrant atmosphere that already permeates the Club.

Anthony’s story stands as a testament to the Club’s legacy and the memories it has fostered over the past four decades. Together, they embody the essence of The American Club community, where cherished relationships, lifelong memories, and the pursuit of a vibrant lifestyle thrive in harmony.

Mr Kelly Tan & Mrs May Lee Tan – 49 Years of Membership

As the Club commemorates its 75th anniversary, we shine a spotlight on one of its cherished Members, Kelly, who has been an integral part of the Club’s story since 1974. Together with the Club, Kelly marks his own milestone as he turns 75 years old this year. 

Kelly’s journey with The American Club began when the Club was a humble single-storey clubhouse, a place that would form lasting connections and cherished memories for Kelly and his family. Kelly had many reasons for wanting to join the Club, which included the desire to network and meet individuals from diverse communities, host clients for delightful dining experiences, and provide a home away from home for his growing family. With two young children in tow, Kelly and his family soon found themselves frequenting the Club’s swimming pool, a space where countless hours were spent splashing, playing, and creating memories that would last a lifetime.

As the years went by, the Club became a backdrop for significant celebrations and milestones in Kelly’s life. The Club became the venue for his children’s birthday parties, wedding anniversaries, and corporate functions, forever etching joyous moments into the Tan’s family history. However, it was the annual Niche Group party that held a special place in Kelly’s heart. Each year, he and his wife eagerly anticipated this gathering, relishing the opportunity to reconnect with fellow long-standing Members. Among these festivities, one Arabian Night-themed Niche Group party stands out in their memories, where his wife won herself a stunning Persian carpet during the lucky draw. 

Kelly and his wife, May have embraced the Club as a gateway to lifelong friendships, cultivating bonds with individuals hailing from different nationalities. Americans, Canadians, Japanese, Koreans, and many more, fostering an atmosphere of inclusivity and camaraderie. May reminisced the good old days in the Jackpot Room, where she spent most of her time at. It was also there that she met many Members turned friends. When the Jackpot Room closed its doors, the Club recognized her support by gifting her one of its cherished jackpot chairs, which now sits as a centerpiece in the Tan family home.

The jackpot chair that was gifted to May for her unwavering support of the Jackpot Room. May’s name along with the words “Thank you for your wonderful support, The American Club Family” was inscribed onto a metal plate at the back of the chair

Meanwhile, Kelly would showcase his bowling prowess at The Bowling Alley as an active participant in the Bowling League during the late 1970s, where friendly competition and friendship thrived.

Apart from jackpot and bowling, Bingo Nights also held a special place in the couple’s hearts. They fondly recall the rush of excitement they felt at the weekly Bingo Night, and would always look forward to the next. May also shared her joy when she won two turkeys at a festive Bingo Night in the 1980s. 

The Club’s Team Members have also played an integral role in many of Kelly and May’s memorable moments at the Club. The warmth and friendliness exuded by long-serving staff like Gary Tan, Rich, and Sa’at, have been a source of comfort and familiarity throughout the years. Their dedication and genuine care have fostered an environment where Members feel like cherished guests and valued friends.

In the present day, Kelly and May have seamlessly transitioned into a routine that embraces wellness and rejuvenation. The couple are now regulars at the Gym, a space that they frequent at least three times a week, nurturing their physical and mental well-being. Up until today, Kelly and his family still celebrate milestone occasions at the Club, and they do not plan on stopping this tradition.

Kelly & May with their daughter and grandchildren at the Club’s year-end festive celebration in 2020
Kelly & May with their daughter and grandchildren at the Club’s year-end festive celebration in 2020
Kelly & May celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary with their children and grandchildren at The 2nd Floor in June 2023
Kelly & May celebrating their 53rd wedding anniversary with their children and grandchildren at The 2nd Floor in June 2023

As they reflect on their journey, Kelly and his wife express a sense of privilege in being part of the Club’s vibrant community. Looking into the future, the couple hopes that the Club will bring back some old favorites, such as the beloved Chicken in a Basket and the legendary Beef on the Wagon dishes, to further enrich the shared experiences of Members old and new.

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