Art Launch - Cuturi Gallery

Cuturi Gallery presents a unique selection of works in various mediums including drawing, stencil, painting and photography by 6 established European contemporary artists.


Art Launch

Friday, November 8


6:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.

Complimentary glass of wine and cheese



As you enter the Lobby entrance, discover French artist Gaël Davrinche’s Nebula paintings – which represent blurred flowers to symbolize a contemplative state of mind. Gaël is renowned for his adeptness at mastering colour and light in his paintings. Next, explore Belgian photographer Antoine Rose’s aerial photographs of various locations including Italy, Miami and New York. Antoine has developed a unique technique of taking these photos by suspending himself from a helicopter. As you approach Central, you’ll come across the works of French stencil artist C215. Often touted as “France's answer to Banksy”, he creates portraits and cultural icons rendered in bright tones.


Continue to sprawl across Thinkspace, discover the world of Lionel Sabatté – One of the most prestigious multidisciplinary contemporary artists in the world. Through his paintings and drawings, you will find the recreation of imaginary worlds and explore the colours and textures produced by oxidizing liquid iron and bronze. Thereupon, challenge your French art knowledge with Vuk Vidor’s lithography in which a list of French artists are described by one word only.


Finally, along with the artists mentioned above, the Scotts Road Art Corridor (Basement 3) throws the spotlight on contemporary paintings by a talented young Parisian artist, Pascal Vilcollet, of which his works are on the verge of figuration and abstraction.



Cuturi Gallery

9 Scotts Road, #02-14

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Event date: Fri-November-08-2019 12:00 am
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