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Dec 8, 2023

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A Brave New World

Fantastic news! Things are looking up in Singapore.

Based on the government's recent announcement, the Club will be updating its Safe Management Measures. These changes will take effect starting Tuesday, April 26.

Fully vaccinated persons are allowed to participate in mask-off activities and to dine in F&B settings.   Individuals must take personal responsibility in adhering to Safe Management Measures.  Random spot checks are conducted by government authorities regularly.   The Club accepts no liabilities or penalties that may be taken towards any individual.


1. Capacity Limits

All outlets will follow their respective pre-pandemic occupancy limits.


2. SafeEntry and TraceTogether

Check-ins via SafeEntry TraceTogether is not required.


3. Mask Policy

Masks to be worn at all times in air-conditioned areas, except when eating and drinking or engaging in strenuous exercises and playing sports. Masks must fully cover the nose and mouth.

Mask wearing in non air-conditioned areas such as Grillhouse and the poolside will be optional but encouraged to be worn when crowded.


4. Guest Policy
The Club’s Guest Policy remains at nine fully vaccinated Guests per Membership card.

The Tennis, Squash and Aquatics and Quad Poolside Guest Policy remains at four fully vaccinated Guest per Membership card.

The Guest Policy for Junior Members under 18 years old remains at two fully vaccinated guests.


5. The Quad and The Quad Poolside

The Quad Poolside's capacity will remain at 10 pax until May 31.

The Quad's capacity will remain at 20 pax until May 31.


6. The Bowling Alley

The maximum capacity is at 32 pax. Each lane has a maximum of 8 pax.

Booking of 3-4 lanes will be considered as lane bookings - at $25 per lane per hour.


As we enter into a brave new world of endemic living, let us continue to exercise personal social responsibility. Wear a mask when indoors and test immediately if you feel unwell. Let us all do our part in keeping The American Club community safe.

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