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Dec 8, 2023

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2022 Annual Member Satisfaction Survey Results

In pursuit of excellence and ensuring the highest levels of Member satisfaction, the Club conducts an Annual Member Satisfaction Survey to understand how the Club is doing, and to identify areas of improvement in terms of the Club’s products, services, facilities and activities.

This year, new questions were added, questions that were no longer relevant were removed (e.g. COVID-19 management) and the phrasing of certain questions were edited in order to obtain the most accurate answers.

In summary, the 2022 Annual Satisfaction Survey indicated a higher score in the overall satisfaction and a higher propensity for Member referral versus last year. Here are some of the survey highlights:

Below is a summary of key findings from each section of the survey:

The Club in General
• Respondents were overall more satisfied with the Club’s quality, value for money, spaces and housekeeping than last year.
• A higher number of respondents (+2%) are also more likely to recommend the Club to a friend.

The Club’s Team Members
• Satisfaction level of individual teams fell marginally, however, the overall satisfaction level across all department increased significantly by 15%.

F&B Outlets
• Overall experience across all F&B outlets remained consistent, quality of food and drinks improved by 3%, but service quality dipped by 5%.
• Satisfaction levels of the value for money of the Club’s F&B outlets compared to restaurants in the vicinity fell by 2%.

Retail Outlets
• Respondents were more satisfied with the range, quality and value for money of F&B products AND wine offerings at The Gourmet Pantry as compared to last year.
• Satisfaction levels of the range and value for money of products at Essentials fell by 1% respectively.

Club Communications
• Respondents were much more well informed (+16%) about Club events and happenings.

Club Events
• Respondents were generally more satisfied (+2%) of the range of Club-wide events that happened in the calendar year of 2022.

Adult & Youth Classes [New Section]
• Majority of the respondents were satisfied with the quality of adult Fitness & Leisure classes offered at the Club.
• Respondents were generally unsatisfied with the range and quality of Youth enrichment classes offered by the Club.


Here are some of the steps taken by the Club to improve Member experience:
• Increase staffing in The 2nd Floor & Tradewinds in FY24.
• Enhance training and pre-shift briefing of part-timers and casual staff.
• Sourcing alternative vendors who can offer better pricing with Procurement team.
• The Club is exploring refreshing the Essentials space and this will go hand-in-hand with a new set of offerings for Members. We will ensure that we are priced competitively with the market for these new offerings.
• With the recent increase in staffing, the team will be sourcing and working on partnerships with additional enrichment program partners to enhance its class offerings.


The Club management, together with the General Committee, will continue to strive to create a world-class Member experience for everyone.


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