Keeping Your Belongings Safe by the Pool

Dear Aquatics Supporter,


We hope you are enjoying The American Club swim program. Thanks to your support, the program enrolment has seen good growth. I am reaching out to you with a request that will help enhance the experience for Members using the pool area.


Due to the current safe distancing measures required by the government, seating at the Grillhouse has been reduced since The Club reopened on June 19. To help alleviate the demand for tables for Grillhouse diners, we have placed two tables along the side of Grillhouse, and along the wall where the pool lockers are, for swimmers to place their belongings while swimming. This will help to free up the tables for Grillhouse diners.


I am writing to request your support in asking our young swimmers to use these side tables to place their belongings while they are in the water. We also encourage our swimmers to use the poolside lockers, by getting a key from the Aquatics Counter. 


With your help and support, we can keep the tables and chairs available for use by your fellow Members who are dining. We greatly appreciate your efforts and consideration as we strive to create a better poolside experience for all Members. 


Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.


Best regards,

Randy Simon

Director of Fitness & Leisure