D.I.Y. Craft Kits

Get Crafty with Us
Get ready for an afternoon of fuss-free activity and family bonding time with our D.I.Y Craft Kits! Join our complimentary live online sessions or watch our youtube video for virtual hands-on guidance from the experts. 
D.I.Y. Candle Making Kit 
Experience the art of natural candle making in the comfort of your home, using only natural ingredients. Enjoy this therapeutic experience and delight in a fun bonding session with the family. 
An instructional video will be uploaded on The Club’s Youtube Channel. Subscribe and be notified when we post a new video! 
Price: $30 per kit (Two candles)
Candle Making Kit Contains: 2 x 77g (100ml) Natural Soy Wax, 2 x Aluminium Containers, 1 x 250ml Measuring Jug (Microwave Friendly), 2 x No. 3 Wick (With foam sticker), 2 x Wick Holders / 2 Wooden Pegs, 1 x Wooden Stirrer, 1 x 5ml Lemongrass Aroma Oil, 1 x 5ml Mandarin Orange Aroma Oil, 2 x Container Cover Label Stickers & 1 x Instruction Sheet

D.I.Y. Miniature Woodcraft Kit & Workshop
Into the woods we go with this adorable miniature woodcraft housed in a clear bell jar. Have a teeny tiny tea party and invite your stuffed animals for a wonderful time. Order by April 29.
Craft Kit Contains: 10cm Wooden LED Base, Dome Glass Cover, Glue, Paper Designs, Wood Set, 2 x AAA Batteries & Instruction Manual 
D.I.Y. Light Up Your Moment Kit & Workshop
Spruce up your bedroom with this whimsical nature-themed decorative light box. Watch the lights dance under the sunlight or keep it in a dark room as a pretty makeshift night light. Order by April 29.
Craft Kit Contains: Paper Cut-outs, Tracing Paper, A Set of Frames, LED Light Strips, USB Connector, Foam Tape & Instruction Manual 

In Case You Missed It
Members are welcome to purhcase the D.I.Y. Hand Sanitizer and Musical Globe Craft Kits and refer to the instruction manual for a fun afternoon with the kids. 
ORDER HERE: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/8QX7FHY
D.I.Y. Hand Sanitizer
Craft Kit Contains: Alcohol, Aloe Vera, A Blend of Five Anti-bacterial Essential Oils, Glycerin, Rose Water, Witch Hazel Tincture, 30ml Bottle with Wooden Stirrer & Instruction Manual
D.I.Y. Musical Globe
Craft Kit Contains: Paper Cut-outs, Musical Base, Round Glass Cover, Glue Dots, Scotch Tape, Pincers & Instruction Manual