Staff Holiday Fund 2018

The Club has undergone substantial change since the start of its redevelopment journey. In the last two years, we’ve seen the demolition of our Scotts Road building and migrated outlets and services as reconstruction took place.
This journey hasn’t always been easy for both Members and staff. Many on our staff team have had to adjust to new operating conditions and different job roles – all while striving to provide a
consistently high level of service. We are privileged to have a team that, time and again, goes above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that The Club remains a welcome home and community despite the redevelopment disruptions.
As the project nears completion and management works to expedite the launch of remaining new spaces, retaining our team of dedicated staff has become more important than ever. The Club’s Annual Staff Holiday Fund is a voluntary contribution by Members and one of the small but meaningful ways in which we express our gratitude and appreciation to The Club’s 300 team
members for their dedication, hard work and unwavering service during the year. Each year, Members are invited to make a contribution to the fund, which is then distributed to the team in line with our tradition of giving out a red packet (‘ang pow’) to staff as part of the Chinese New Year celebrations.
As always, The Club’s Senior Managers opt out of receiving any part of this contribution so that their team members can enjoy a little extra. There is no further action on your part should you wish to contribute the standard amount of $150, which will be reflected in your December 2018 statement. If you’d like to contribute a larger amount or opt out of the program, simply complete the bottom portion of the Staff Holiday Fund letter (mailed with your October & November bill statements or available at the Concierge) and return this letter to our Concierge or by post. Alternatively, you may contact and issue instructions to Vanessa ( / 6739-4390) or Dian ( / 6739-4490) before December 15, 2018.
Thank you in advance for your generosity and for investing in our great team.