As part of The Club's 70th Birthday, several initiatives have been planned in support of the EAGLE Fund. Learn more about this program below and find out how you can join in our birthday festivities here.


What is the EAGLE Fund (Emergency Access Grant for Club Employees)?

The EAGLE Fund (Emergency Access Grant for Club Employees) is a Member-driven initiative established to provide an opportunity to offer support to staff facing unexpected, temporary financial hardship as a result of sudden illness (over and beyond what our Hospitalization and surgical insurance covers), a family crisis, or a natural disaster. The program, administered by The Club's Management and reviewed and approved by the General Committee, is funded through monies raised by Members via direct donations or other fund-raising activities.


Definition of an Emergency

An emergency shall be defined as an event which is unforeseen and beyond the employee’s control and has imposed a temporary, sudden, non-recurring economic hardship on the employee. “Temporary” means that the employee was able to manage finances before but is now in significant debt or hardship, and the EAGLE Fund could assist her/him in regaining financial stability. If the employee has long-standing financial problems or an addiction to gambling, she/he would not meet the temporary hardship requirements and would not be eligible. This program is not intended to supplement an employee's salary, but instead to pay for certain specific expenses incurred as a result of the defined emergency.


What kinds of situations would be considered temporary hardships?

Examples include but are not limited to the following:

  • - Natural disaster – flood, typhoon
  • - Domestic violence
  • - Death of an immediate family member
  • - Fire
  • - Serious illness/sudden illness – amount exceeding The Club’s group medical insurance coverage and medical care in a government or restructured hospital
  • - Critical injury