Niche Group Qualification 2021

Good news! In light of the COVID-19 situation with reduced capacity this year, the General Committee has approved the application of a multiplier factor of 1.25 to calendar year 2021 spending for this year’s Niche Group qualifying spend. Every $1 spent in calendar year 2021 will count as $1.25 of qualifying spend.

This simply means that the calendar-year spending required to qualify for each Niche Group has been reduced by 20%:


Loyalty Program

Qualifying Criteria


Membership tenure more than 25 years


*Spending from $16,000


*Spending from $12,000


*Spending from $8,000


*Based on cumulative calendar year spending, excluding monthly dues, fees, fines and reciprocal Club spending. Your year-to-date spending is printed at the bottom of your monthly statement of account