An Aquatics Achievement

On December 29, 2020, our Masters swimmers faced a huge challenge set by Aquatics Coach Greg Fasala – To swim 100 X 50m (5KMs!).


With no real-time restraints, it was as much a mental challenge as a physical one. Each swimmer recorded each lap with pegs. Congratulations to everyone who participated, on their outstanding achievement. Special shout- out to Mona & Donny (Donald), who both found it challenging even to complete a full lap in our 25-meter pool when they first started in our program seven months ago.


Listed below are what Coach Greg like to call our “mature swimmers” that achieved this most difficult challenge. 


Congratulations and Well Done to:

Michael Flynn

Sharan Pinto

Alison Fry

Charles Spencer

Jessica Quance

Donald Stroh

Mona Manghani

Murry Alldritt


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