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- Infant & Toddlers (6 months to 3 years) 

- SwimAmerica (3 years and above)

- Swim Team

- Masters Swimming 

- Group Fitness 


2021 Aquatics Programs


 Infant & Toddlers (currently suspended)


The Infant & Toddlers program was designed by infant aquatic specialists who are passionate about teaching babies and toddlers to swim and survive from an early age. This program will enhance your child’s enjoyment of the water and will also build on their strength, co-ordination and motor skills.


Our program caters for babies from 4 months old through to 3 years of age. The levels are based on age as there are different motor skills that are required for each of the activities. The program is engaging for babies and toddlers with fun activities that teaches your little one a skill that may save their life one day as well as building their overall development.


Studies have shown that children who have an early introduction to water are ahead of their peers in vital swimming skills as well as in physical and brain development.


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Level A – 4-12 months


Our littlest American Club swimmers will be working on their strength, co-ordination and motor skills in the aquatics environment.


Activities and skills:

  • - Submerging
  • - Voluntary kicking
  • - Holding
  • - Twisting
  • - Rolling
  • - Back floating
  • - Reflex action


Duration: 30 minutes

Class Ratio: 1 instructor to 8 parent/child pairs


Level B – 13-24 months


Most babies at this stage are crawling or walking and this is taken into consideration. Activities are added to the program to encourage the little ones to build on their gross and fine motor skills. More activities are added that require babies to co-ordinate their arms and legs to propel themselves through the water so we can build their swimming and water safety skills.


Activities and skills:

  • - Basic breathing patterns
  • - How to submerge
  • - Use their arms and legs to propel
  • - Hold the wall and move sideways
  • - Twisting
  • - Rolling
  • - Back floating
  • - Reflex action


Duration: 30 minutes

Class Ratio: 1 instructor to 8 parent/child pairs


Level C – 25-36 months


Children at this age love imagination play and being independent. This stage encourages children to try things on their own and learn vital swimming skills while doing so.  Activities at this age are engaging, fun and challenging while slowly weaning Mum and Dad out of the class.


Activities and skills:

  • - Propulsion through the water
  • - Back floating
  • - Twisting
  • - Rolling
  • - More advanced breathing patterns
  • - Reflex action


Duration: 30 minutes

Class Ratio: 1 instructor to 8 parent/child pairs







SwimAmerica is a US national learn to swim program operated by the American Swimming Coaches Association through over 500 Program Directors at over 900 sites across the USA. It is the state-of-the-art learn to swim program in the world today, brought to you by the same people who have produced the most successful sports team on the planet – the USA Olympic Swimming Team. Just like how NASCAR and INDY car races inspired the development of great cars, SwimAmerica adopts the techniques of world record setting swimmers and teaches them to new swimmers.


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Stations 1-3


These early stages work on the basic building blocks of independent swimming


Activities and skills:

  • - Water confidence
  • - Front floating, gliding and kicking
  • - Back floating, gliding and kicking


Duration: 30 minutes

Class Ratio: 1:3


Stations 4-6


The next stages of the SwimAmerica program have been developed to help swimmers to build on their foundations by incorporating the first components of the strokes. 


Activities and skills:

  • - Freestyle arms and breathing
  • - Backstroke
  • - Diving


Duration: 30 minutes

Class Ratio: 1:4, 1:5, 1:6


Stations 7-10


These last stages in the SwimAmerica program help our swimmers develop the remaining strokes over increasingly longer distances.  From Station 7 onwards, swimmers are eligible to attend external novice swim meets to represent The American Club. 


Duration: 45 minutes, 60 minutes

Class Ratio: 1:8


Swim Team 


After completing all 10 Stations of the SwimAmerica program, our swimmers are eligible for the Swim Team. Swimmers in the Swim Team will develop their skills for both training and competition.  An emphasis will be placed on the finer points of stroke technique, endurance, race strategy, sports nutrition and psychology.  Focus is also placed on attaining US National Age Target Times. The Swim Team competes at regular swim meets around Singapore as well as regular race nights within The American Club. 


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Development Squad

The first stage of Swim Team bridges the gap between SwimAmerica Station 10 and Swim Team.  The focus for the squad is to increase endurance while maintaining correct techniques. 


Duration: 60 minutes

Ratio: 1:10


Junior Squad

This stage of Swim Team is designed to provide swimmers with a smooth transition into the next phase of the swimming development.  While a strong focus is still places on technical development, swimmers will begin to increase emphasis placed on endurance, speed training and enhancement of racing skills.


Duration: 60 minutes

Ratio: 1:10


Competitive Squad

The final stage of Swim Team has a stronger focus on all aspects of technical development, endurance and speed training as well as enhancement of racing skills.


Duration: 90 minutes

Ratio: 1:10


Masters Swimming



Our Master’s program is a great way to build fitness and develop technique. We can offer training for anyone who knows the basic strokes to swimmers who want to increase their fitness levels through to swimmers who want to compete in both pool and open water swimming events (pool competitions, triathlons, open water swim meets and any other event involving water)


Duration: 60 minutes

Ratio: 1:10


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Group Fitness (currently suspended)


If swimming is not your thing but being fit and being around the water are…check out our new and improved Aqua Fitness program! We are also able to accommodate private sessions for you and your friends.
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Aqua Stand Up 

Style: Inspired by stand up paddle boarding mixed with different fitness techniques like HIIT, Pilates, Yoga and muscular conditioning

Focus: Mobilize your whole body while really engaging core and back


Duration: 45 minutes

Max 6 participants per class



Deep Water Running

Style: Vigorous workouts which highlight cardiovascular health and interval training

Focus: Targeted muscle groups and cardio, zero impact


Duration: 60 minutes



Deep Water Workout

Style: Shallow deep water workouts using pool noodles, glovese and kickboards

Focus: Using core engagement and buoyancy to work lesser used muscles


Duration: 60 minutes





Style: High intensity workouts with few resistance options

Focus: Moves are done quickly and usually in intervals which target core strength and cardio, low impact


Duration: 60 minutes




Aqua Circuit

Style: Timed stations workout using a variety of equipment

Focus: Strength building and muscle toning


Duration: 60 minutes







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