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YU SHENG 魚生 Price Quantity Total $
Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng 三文魚撈生 (Serves 4-6 persons) $43.80
Prosperity Salmon Yu Sheng 三文魚撈生 (Serves 7-10 persons) $87.60
Prosperity Vegetarian Yu Sheng 七彩上素齋魚生 $36.80
Abalone 鮑魚 $29.80
Salmon 三文魚 $12.80
Tuna 金槍魚 $13.80
ORIENTAL B.B.Q. / SUPERLATIVES 烧味 / 至尊盤菜 Price Quantity Total $
Roasted Duck 金陵燒鴨 $60.00
Kurobuta Pork “Bak Kwa” 黑豚肉乾 (500gm) $33.00
Kurobuta Pork “Bak Kwa” 黑豚肉乾 (1000gm) $60.00
Roasted Suckling Pig 鴻運乳豬 $238.00
Roasted Kurobuta Pork “Char Siew” with Honey Glaze 蜜汁黑豚叉燒 $23.80
Marinated Superior Soya Chicken 玫瑰豉油雞 $40.00
Superior Eight Treasures Claypot 至尊八寳盤菜 (serves 4-6 people) $288.00
STARTER 開胃菜 Price Quantity Total $
Jellyfish with Japanese Seaweed Salad 日本海苔涼拌海蜇 $23.80
Jumbo Lump Crab Cake made with Flaky Crab and Club-made special seasoning, served with Belgian Endives, Frisée Salad & Lemon Aioli 黃金珍寶蟹餅 $22.80
ENTRÉE 主菜 Price Quantity Total $
Braised Oysters with Beetroot Bean Curd and Bai Ling Mushrooms served with Seasonal Vegetables 黃金發財毫鼓 $36.80
Crispy Yam stuffed with Hokkaido Scallops served with Seasonal Vegetables 碧綠芋茸北海道帶子 $39.80
Braised Pork Trotter with Black Moss 红烧金玉發財元蹄 $38.00
Fried Glutinous Rice with Chinese Pork Sausage & Dried Scallops 瑤柱腊味糯米飯 $28.80
Roasted Australian Prime Rib (3.5kg with 3 Bones Attached) and Sautéed Mushrooms, Chorizo Sausages, Grilled Asparagus, served with Red Wine Sauce & Béarnaise Sauce 香烤澳大利亞牛肋排 (Serve 8-12 persons) $298.00
Roasted Australian Whole Lamb Rack (900gm - 950gm) & Roasted Sweet Potato Pavé, Peperonata, Grilled Cob of Corn, & Black Olives, served with Anchovies Sauce & Mint Sauce 香 烤澳大利亞全羊架 (Serve 2–4 persons) $138.00
NIAN GAO 年糕 Price Quantity Total $
Steamed Chinese New Year Cake (Nian Gao) 發財鲤鱼年糕 $28.80
Osmanthus-water Chestnut Cake 桂花馬蹄糕 $29.80
Steamed Carrot Cake with Chinese Sausage & Dried Shrimp 腊味萝卜糕 $26.80
SAUCE Price Quantity Total $
The 2nd Floor Club-made X.O Sauce 至尊X.O醬 (160gm) $19.95
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