Dining Promotions



Eagle’s Nest & Union Bar - Food


Grilled Norwegian Salmon & Mango Salad $18.95
grilled Norwegian salmon served with mesclun greens, mango, avocado & julienned carrots

with mango vinaigrette dressing


Korean B.B.Q. Chicken $16.95
juicy chicken thighs marinated in Club's special spicy Bulgogi sauce,

served with rice, miso soup, kimchi, mixed fruits& anchovies on the side


Crayfish Linguine in Chili Crab Sauce $20.50
fresh crayfish, baby spinach & roasted peppers, with linguine tossed in chili crab sauce


Chocolate Pumpkin Pie $8.50

served with eggnog ice cream & crispy cinnamon puff


Union Bar – Beverages


Cocktail of the Month:
Home Away From Home $12.50
Botanist gin, Bols elderflower liqueur,
Asian lemongrass syrup & freshly squeezed lime juice


Brooklyn Beer Special

Brooklyn Lager

Brooklyn East IPA

Solo: $12.15

Pair: $20 Brooklyn Lager/ Brooklyn East IPA


Brooklyn Naranjito

Bottle: $12.15

Bucker of 4: $40



Eagle’s Nest – Beverages


Lemonade Specials:
$5.95 Glass / $ 12.95 Carafe                      
Available Flavors: Strawberry, Lychee, Apple, Mango

Beer Promotion:
Budweiser $6.95 (reg. $7.75)
Miller Genuine Draught $6.95 (reg. $7.75)

Miller Lite $6.95 (reg. $7.75)
Sol Beer $6.95 (reg. $7.75)
Desperados $6.95 (reg. $7.75)   
Corona Extra $6.95 (reg. $8.20)


Thyme – Food


Vanilla-Pumpkin Profiterole Tart topped with Valrhona Drizzle $42.95 (whole) / $5.20 (slice)
profiteroles on crispy almond tart, topped with dark chocolate ganache & baked almond



Thyme – Beverages


Gingerbread Latte (Hot/Ice)
espresso, milk & gingerbread-flavoured syrup topped with cinnamon powder
Regular: $5.80

Large: $6.50

Pumpkin Spice Latte (Hot/Ice)
espresso, milk & pumpkin-spiced syrup topped with cinnamon powder
Regular: $5.80

Large: $6.50


Macadamia Chocolate Latte (Hot/Ice)
milk, Hershey’s chocolate & macadamia-flavoured syrup topped with rainbow sprinkles
Regular: $5.80

Large: $6.50



The 2nd Floor - Beverages



Harvest Legend $15.95
a blend of Crusoe-California Organic Spiced Rum, triple sec, spice infused tea & sour mix